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Do I need more wipes?

Not enough card draw?

How to abuse my mass recursion spells?

Finally, a true Golem Tribal deck! There are couple different ways to build around this commander and with whom he shares the command zone. I decided to go with splicers, the most are in Selesnya, and baubles. The most on theme partner is Rebbec. She is only there for white and I almost never cast her unless I have nothing else to do. I did not want to go the flicker route, and even though I do not have that many golems, this deck can reliably crank a 3-5 huge creatures. In order do this, we need artifacts that sack themselves for value, including tokens like treasure, clue, and food. Lots of them cantrip with other bonuses, but now they have "Put a +1/+1 on each golem you control" stapled on. It runs like a Johoira or Teshkar deck, but not as value intensive and more clunky. It relies on placing down a few small golems and a bunch of artifacts, then casting Ich-Tekik, and the turn after sacking all the artifacts to make your Golems HUGE. This deck is a lot of fun, and can really be explosive.

It is still a work in a progress and I would love comments.

How I build Decks:

Budget; <$75. Although I have some more expensive cards in here I already own.

As on theme as possible; including ramp, draw, and removal

I do not particularly like old bordered cards, but I will play them if they are really good in the deck.


I took out mana reducers because they did not do much after I dumped the rest of my artifacts on the battlefield in the early game.

Key Cards:

Gilded Goose is great. It can keep creating baubles and Ich adds more bonuses to when it taps for mana.

Arcbound Reclaimer provides further value in the late game to keep pumping my golems, and it is a golem itself.

Declaration in Stone . I had never seen this card before. It its drawback is now an advantage, as when they sack it, it buffs my Golems. It is even more effective against tokens. Same thing with card: Excavation Techniques

Mystic Forge provides the best possible card advantage as I churn through the deck and buffing my golems. Combos amazingly with Arcbound Reclaimer .

Fangren Marauder is one of my favorite card in here because it easily gain 20 plus life in a turn, padding my life total.


If you only spend money on magic, here are some upgrades

Smothering Tithe is just perfect for this deck, but sadly used everywhere so not budget. Hope Gavin can deliver in this department in the future. Monologue Tax as well, but already in here.

Any doubling effect token or counter may find a place here, I actually think I would not run these because I get plenty of golems out normally and pretty large. These effects are extremely pricey.

Some of the old baubles that cost around 2 dollars can be good. Also Wayfarer's Bauble should be in here, but sadly no longer budget.

Mycosynth Lattice turns anything entering the graveyard into counters.

Icehide Golem while budget, it requires snow lands which are more pricey to get than the deck itself. The price has went down with Kaldheim, but I still have not invested into them. This is only a very small change, but more low cost golems is great.

The Great Henge provides more great card draw and ramp even though a good portion of the golems are tokens. I actually have this card.

Alhammarret's Archive turns all of cantriping artifacts into card draw.

If you are interested in a faster pace, I made cEDH version.

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Cool deck with black and blue


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