Having a little trouble building this deck. Feel a little inconsistent when testing… Any feedback is welcome.

I’m not interested in using abilities that shut down artifact like Collector Ouphe

Here are the deck tags :

Ape or Monkey

There aren’t a lot of good monkeys or apes. These are the best I could find with some interesting abilities. I know I could maybe run more shapeshifters but I'm not really interested in those.

Artifacts Wipe

A way to pump my team when I'm ready and a way clear the board if artifact giving gets out of hand.

Board Wipes

2 is a good number for this deck.


Draw should be vital with the mana we will be producing. I put a little more than usual. I found in my testing that if you don't draw your cards that draw more cards the deck fall’s flat pretty fast. Maybe I should run some wheel effect...

Get back

Cards that allow you to fetch cards from your graveyard. I really like Reap!!


Cards, other than your commander, that give artifacts to your opponents.

Greed is back

Cards that punish your opponents for having too much or using artifacts you gave them.


35 lands seem good enough

More banana

Cards that double my artifact generation.


This category is imperative, if you can't protect Kibo you’re just playing bad creatures and feeding resources to opponents. The Ozolith is there to somewhat save your +1/+1 counter when there is a board wipe, so you don't have to loose all that work.


I usually play 10 in my decks but in this deck I find it hard to find the right number. I play some 1 mana value ramp to be able to play Kibo on turn 2.

Targeted Removal

A bit hard to find in these colours.


Mostly used to find more draw, but gambling is always fun.

You Artifact Now

A fun way to enable more removal.


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