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I Play Xenagos with Anime Girl Sleeves

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I play big creatures with cute grills on the other side of them.

This deck is primarily based on Xenagos, God of Turn 3 Malignus. Go check his deck out because it's a pretty awesome concept and my original xenagos sucked because it normally just snowballed, got wiped, and then never recover resulting in loss.

I really liked the idea of primarily using green land ramp and stapling on card advantage and board control effects onto creatures. What this does is get rid of the "do-nothing-on-the-turn-theyre-played" cards like 1/1 mana dorks and mana artifacts, and allows for more big creature synergy with Xenagos.

This deck really shines when it can play cards that can easily get it back into the game after either being straight up unlucky and not drawing any ramp or getting board wiped. It also really shines when big threats are slammed down turn after turn and there seems to be an unending stream of fatty creatures so 30+ big bois is a pretty good number.

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