That's a pretty cool deck you got there, mind if I give it a spin? No? Well, I'm dong it anyways.

This is a Pako, Arcane Retriever and Haldan, Avid Arcanist deck with the sole purpose of playing other people's decks and hopefully winning off of it. The original intention was that it would play at the level of any group, but sheer card advantage puts this deck in the lead the moment Pako starts swinging. It plays very similarly to Voltron with much of the deck being geared around ramping into and protecting Pako. The earliest i've seen him hit the field was turn two and I can consistently have him out turn three or four. There are also a few cards that let me play or copy my oppenets' creatures because I'm sure not playing my own.

Does it work? Usually. It has a bit of a reputation in my play group for turning the game into a 1v3 and still coming out on top. It can easily get overwhelmed by creature spam, but if they can't kill you in one shot, they are likely getting nuked by your commander the next turn. The deck gets absolutely gutted by Rule of Law type effects, but that's what all the counterspells are for.

Potential upgrades. I'm looking at are taking out Treasure Cruise and Rhythm of the Wild. They would likely be replaced with Asceticism and Myth Unbound. Other upgrades will likely involve token generation as this deck's biggest weakness is total lack of blockers.


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