Mono Blue Tempo Control

Rapid Hybridization is a high utility card. Do it in response to removal to keep a threat on the board. Do it to remove one of their creatures to later bounce the frog token with thing in the ice, repeal, or cryptic.

So many cantrips- opt, serum, repeal, remand, cryptic, archmage's charm.

Snappy boi feels good to bounce when the Thing goes off. Also feels super good to repeal a snappyboi that's about to be killed. Or bounce a snappyboi with cryptic.

This deck also has a ton of counterspells- archmage's charm, cryptic, force of negash, logic knot, remand, spellsnare.

Lazotep Plating has been great against jund and burn.

Any ideas on how to do better against decks that go super wide fast?


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