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Commander / EDH* Aggro Artifact Battlecruiser Eldrazi Multiplayer Ramp




Ia! Ia! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Kozilek Zendikar wgah'nagl fhtagn!

A terror older than the multiverse itself lurks beyond the twisting nether. Are you ready to bring its return, and with it the end of all things? Kozilek is an ever-present threat to the multiverse, and it's our job to bring his plans to fruition. Our main plans of action are to expand our mana base to call Kozilek, distort our opponent's boards and plans, and finally to crush our opponents.

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I've decided to tweak the mana base in here a little bit and to foil out some cards, along with a few necessary updates.

I'm moving away from cards that benefit artifact creates, and putting more Eldrazi cards, as well as more non-artifact spells in.

Also, I changed my commander to Newlamog. He's been working really well, his on-cast exile effect seems to get more mileage than the original Ulamog.

Any thoughts are appreciated. And if you like the deck, don't forget to upvote!



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