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I die, you die, we all die, bye bye!

Modern* Competitive Lifegain Midrange Tokens WB (Orzhov)


The object here is to back your opponent into a corner where no matter whose creatures die(yours or theirs) it makes them lose life and you gain...and if they don't want to lose more life, you get your creatures back!

Blood Artist and Cruel Celebrant bring the life loss/gain.

Children of Korlis, Selfless Spirit, and Fume Spitter are cheap beaters that sac themselves for an effect and trigger Blood Artist and Cruel Celebrant.

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician is a miracle worker in this deck! Paying 1 life for a sac trigger, creature removal, and card draw is especially good value! Especially since a Blood Artist or Cruel Celebrant can negate the cost!!!

Skirsdag High Priest turns death into a flying meat wall.

Athreos, God of Passage tries to convince your opponent that they should let your creatures return to your hand...

Nightmare Shepherd is a wonderful addition from Theros, Beyond Death! Every non-token creature I sac can now be recycled an sac-ed again!

Bitterblossom pumps out fodder for the death engine every turn, at a very reasonable price of 1 life. Considering that life is returned to you when the fairy dies, it's a great deal!

Hidden Stockpile gives more token generation fueled from things you do anyway, so it's great value!

Tragic Slip is hands down the best removal I can think of for this deck. Since I plan on having a creature die on most turns, and have several ways to sacrifice my own creatures at instant speed, this can kill almost anything!

Killing Wave is a nice finisher that makes your opponent choose between life and creatures, then if they choose life, they lose it anyway and you gain.... then back to Athreos!

Walking Ballista - if you have Athreos, God of Passage and Blood Artist in play, you can play Walking Ballista for 0. It immediately dies, your opponent loses 1 life, you gain one life, then they choose to pay 3 life to send it to the graveyard or else you can just do it again!! On the other hand, it can be played normally and then utilized as removal/burn while also sacrificing itself to trigger the main theme!(more fuel for the fire!)

Heliod, Sun-Crowned is a great combo with Walking Ballista! He gives Walking Ballista lifelink, Walking Ballista then does it's thing...dealing damage...gaining life...replaces the +1+1 counter=infinite life/infinite damage!

Westvale Abbey   is another great win con in this life/death token deck!

Promise of Bunrei is a card I have previously underestimated. In this deck, however, if you have a creature on board that can sac itself, you can play this, sac the creature, and turn one creature into 4! If your opponent decides to destroy the enchantment, you can simply sac a creature in response to trigger Promise of Bunrei.


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