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"I aimed for the head" │Toralf edh

Commander / EDH Mono-Red



This is my Toralf edh deck, which is pretty much all about damage. A major part of the deck is big red boardwipes, such as Chain Reaction and Blasphemous Act . By casting a few of these boardwipes in a creature-dominated game, you can easily take out your opponents with commander damage.

There are many cards, like Jeska's Will and Mana Geyser that can get you tons of mana, as well as continued mana advantage like Extraplanar Lens .

Damage doublers are also important in this deck, the top card being Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar , which can easily win the game if paired with a high damage boardwipe.

There are a few cards that give my opponents creatures, but I found that it was hard to keep them alive, since most of them are creatures that get killed during my boardwipes, or simply by opponents.

The rest of the deck consists of other types of removal, like Chaos Warp and Vandalblast , as well as counter prevention, through Blue Elemental Blast and Overmaster .

I am still in the process of testing so nothing in this deck is final, meaning I would appreciate any feedback I can get. The other way I considered building this deck is voltron, which I may build as well. A voltron build allows me to capitalize on commander damage possibly allowing an easier win, and since Toralf deals commander damage when your opponents are damaged, high damage spells that keep the board clear make him even stronger. It is also easier to keep him alive with protection equipment. Let me know if I should create another deck this way or alter my deck. Either way, this deck is worthy!


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