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Hyper-Budget: Life for Death ($25!)

Commander / EDH* BG (Golgari) Budget Combo Counters



Strange things claw at you from the ground. The stench of decay permeates the air. You feel deeply unsettled, as if something is watching you. You turn to run, only to be stopped dead in your tracks by a wall of corpses. You back away slowly, not knowing what to do. As a macabre army of nightmarish creatures swarms around you, you feel your life essence fade, fueling greater monstrosities unknown.

The Bug Man Himself

Hello there good sir/madam. Welcome to Hyper Budget: Life for Death! Everything you need for a powerful and fun Golgari EDH deck with almost none of the price! All suggestions should be less than $1. If you enjoyed the deck, leave a +1! It helps me on a deep emotional level. Thank you!

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Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest is an incredible commander. He really shows the value you can gain from a simple sacrifice strategy. Which is exactly what the deck aims to do! Build up fodder and pitch it to get counters, and make your enemies suffer.

If you wanted a closer look at the cards and their reasonings, look no further.

-Fleshbag Marauder, Merciless Executioner: Brings sacrifices across the board, and has a decent bit of power to boot.

-Wingrattle Scarecrow, Rendclaw Trow: Persist is negated by the counters, so infinite fodder. (Yes I have asked and tested, that is how it works)

-Call the Scions, Blisterpod, Eyeless Watcher: Scions have a built in sacrifice clause, and getting some extra ramp along with any sacrifice-benefits is good.

-Golgari Germination, Pawn of Ulamog: Your creatures will be dying a lot, why not get extra fodder out of it?

-Symbiotic Wurm: A fun card, can be used as a finisher because making and sacrificing 7 insect tokens means 7 +1/+1 counters.

-Shambling Shell, Grave-Shell Scarab: Dredge works well in the deck for getting fodder back, and these both have sacrifice clauses for convenience.

-Reassembling Skeleton: This card is honestly insane. It doesn't matter that it comes back tapped, getting your fodder back for only is great, and you can fire it off multiple times in a turn.

-Runed Servitor: Simple, cheap, draws a card on death.

-Lumberknot, Swarm of Bloodflies: They grow bigger on each kill, and have flying/hexproof respectively.

-Gutter Grime: The initial small oozes are good fodder, and they can eventually grow into crazy sizes.

-Nighthowler: Kicks ass as a standalone creature, but really shines when you throw it on Mazirek.

-Wight of Precinct Six: Trust me, there will be a lot of dead creatures for this to draw power from.

-Spinebiter: This is a cruel card. Even if it's blocked, it's infect bleeds right through. 7 counters on this and the game is over.

-Prowling Pangolin: Not only does this have some nice power/toughness, but it can bring three more counters to the rest of your board if someone wants to deal with it.

-Desecration Demon: Sacrifice a creature to keep it happy, or it will eat your face. Oh and whatever you do something will eat your face because he feeds +1/+1's to your board.

-Primal Growth, Harrow: Sacrificing one thing to nab two lands is quite the deal. Plus they lands don't enter tapped.

-Golgari Cluestone: Ramp, and sacrificable card draw when you don't need that mana anymore.

-Sakura-Tribe Elder: Self-explanatory

-Deathreap Ritual, Fecundity, Grim Haruspex, Catacomb Sifter, Disciple of Bolas: All ways to gain card advantage from things dying.

-Corpsejack Menace, Winding Constrictor: Puts more counters on your already flourishing creatures.

-Archfiend of Depravity: If your enemies had plentiful boards, well consider them gone.

-Butcher of Malakir: While it is more expensive than Dictate of Erebos, it's also a cheaper card to obtain. Wipes board incredibly quickly.

-Diabolic Tutor: The classic budget tutor.

-Gift of the Deity: Creates a temporary distraction for huge swings to get through while also cleaning up a board.

-Tuskguard Captain: Everything will get +1/+1, and thus get trample.

-Zulaport Cutthroat: With your constant sacrificing of things, the cutthroat will put out some good damage.

-Death's Presence: Who cares if your creatures go down, their counters will live on.

-Spawning Pit, Varolz, the Scar-Striped, Vampire Warlord: While their effects might not be the most impactful, they do provide free, reusuable sacrifice! These are the pieces that combo off with persist creatures for infinite sacrifice counters!

-Stronghold Assassin: Bone Shards on a stick.

-Dredge, Altar's Reap: Card Advantage and extra counters.

-Korozda Guildmade: Can buff a creature and give a little evasion, or eat up a fodder creature to make even more fodder.

-Sylvan Safekeeper: Pitch all your lands for a massive alpha strike, or grant a creature or two the gift of life. Either way you benefit.

Malevolent Awakening: Reusuable sacrifice/ressurection outlets are always a good thing.

Disentomb: It's cheap and simple. Gets it's job done.

Victimize: One sacrifice to bring back two creatures.

Vigor Mortis: This can be used in a pinch to bring andything back, but it's better suited for bringing back a fallen fatty or utility so they can fight another day.

Syphon Flesh, Barter in Blood, Smallpox, Bone Splinters: These cards all work similarly, in that they cause people across the board to sacrifice things. This leads to some insane counter growth with Mazirek. You should have more than enough fodder to pitch to these spells, and they can really damage your opponents.

Caustic Caterpillar, Sylvok Replica, Tribute to the Wild: These cards are your primary way of dealing with artifacts and enchants. The replica and caterpillar both get you counters from self-sacrifice, and Tribute hits everyone across the board for even more counters.

Triskelion, Retribution of the Ancients: With the counter production from Mazirek, having the counters to pitch to these cards should be easy. Both are great forms of targeted removal for incredibly cheap.

Overrun: Simple, effective, slam trample on your creatures and watch your foes cower. While it may not be the best card, it's price tag is small and it gets the job done.

Overwhelming Stampede: This card is a real kicker. Not only do you get that wonderful, WONDERFUL thing known as trample, but all your creatues get as alarge as your biggest creature. Say your Mazirek is a 12/12? I lied. Now he is a 24/24 and all your creatures get +12/+12. And trample.

+Dark Heart of the Wood
-Sylvan Safekeeper
Had to revert previous edit. When did Safekeeper get so expensive?

+Sylvan Safekeeper
-Dark Heart of the Wood

+Dimir House Guard
-Vampire Warlord
Thanks Squirrel_of_War for the suggestion!

Say you find yourself with a little extra pocket money to spend on MtG. Here are some pricier cards to spice up the deck!

-Dictate of Erebos
-Grave Pact
-Woodfall Primus