Hydra Tribal deck. Beef 'em up and get them through the enemies defenses.


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This is a quality of life update for Hydras, Hydras Everywhere. This is the first deck I have ever put together and it really is a labor of love. It is not meant to be considered as high-powered or top-tier, but to support a fun and enjoyable game that features these creatures. As always, if you have suggestions, I'm always open for them.

Card Updates:

Replaced Artisan's Sorrow with Hindervines. Artisan's Sorrow was a bit too high-costed for its intent and, frankly, the Scry 2 wasn't granting much benefit in a typical game. Hindervines grants a great fog effect to potentially allow some fun combat shenanigans.

Scatter to the Winds replaced by Essence Capture. More specific counter, but pumps a Hydra in the process.

Ral Zarek replaced with Primordial Hydra. Ral was a placeholder.

Mystical Tutor replaced with Unbound Flourishing. Tutor is great, but better served in another deck. Unbound Flourishing was made for Hydras, so in it goes!

Peregrination replaced with Grow from the Ashes. Cheaper, but allowed to use the kicker, if able/needed. That flexibility is nice.

Fevered Visions replaced with Titanic Brawl. Visions was a nice draw effect, but again, I think it's better served in another deck. There are tons of draw effects in this deck, so I'm thinking removal is a better replacement here.

Mantle of Webs replaced by Hungering Hydra.


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