May 2019 Update

Previous Versions were 5-Color Progenitus Superfriends and 4-Color Atraxa Superfriends

New Version! 5 Color Jodah Superfriends

The basic idea of the deck is to accumulate advantage by keeping my planeswalkers in play until the combinations of loyalty abilities allow for unlimited activations on my turn. The valued abilities from any potential planeswalker are creating blockers , removing threats , generating card advantage and ramping .

Usually I just cast a board wipe after playing 1 or 2 Planeswalkers, but now with Jodah, I will try to use my commander to cast one of the one-sided board wipes . With the addition of Jodah, now I get to cast some of the most powerful spells in the whole game like Expropriate , Time Stretch , Omniscience , Storm Herd and Conflux .

The game ends when I’m able to get The Chain Veil and one of the planeswalkers that untap the Chain Veil and one of the planeswalkers that can do direct damage .


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I’ve changed my commander back to a 5-color commander. Jodah can help me accelerate out more expensive planeswalkers or crazy spells like omniscience. There has been an overhaul of at least 15% of the whole deck.

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