Descendants' Path looks like it should be completely broken, so let's break it.

Card Choice Analysis

4x Descendants' Path

4x Gigantomancer

The main goal of this deck is to play Descendants' Path on turn 2, and then use it to cheat out Gigantomancer .

4x Noble Hierarch

4x Birds of Paradise

4x Avacyn's Pilgrim

In order to play our 3-drop on turn 2, we obviously need some ramp. Having access to 12 dorks helps ensure we have them on turn 1. For turns after turn 1, it's great to be be able to easily stack the field full of dudes with Descendants' Path and then use those dudes to finish the game off with Gigantomancer .

4x Sage of Epityr

4x Augury Owl

We've established that we can swarm the field, with the goal of setting up something awesome off the top-deck, so now we would like to make sure that the top of the deck actually has the awesome card we want. We can say no to Serum Visions, and use cards that we actually like: these cards will still be cheated into play with Descendants' Path , of course, but you'll find the fact that Sage of Epityr is also a wizard to be very relevant.

4x Voidmage Prodigy

4x Aven Mimeomancer

4x Qasali Pridemage

We've established our entire game-plan fairly well by this point, but because our game-plan can be a) a bit too slow for the stupid fast decks; and b) very susceptible to disruption from the more control-oriented decks, we run our own set of disruption to fight back.


Updates Add

CJ and I have revamped the human birds, adding a crucial wizard disruption sub-component. Intitial playtesting is very promising, and the sideboard plan should follow-up soon.

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