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Howl of the night pack Deck

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Always loved Howl of the Night Pack so I wanted to try to make a deck focused around it while still being budget friendly (<$100). The idea of the deck goes as follows:

Turn 1: mana dork ( Llanowar Elves )

Turn 2: 3 mana ramp spell (ex Kodama's Reach )

turn 3: wolf token producer to stall board (ex Master of the Wild Hunt , Garruk Relentless  , or Wren's Run Packmaster )

turn 4: land and other threats

turn 5: Howl of the Night Pack

There is plenty of redundancy in the deck with 8 mana dorks, 10 ramp spells and 4 mana threats. Any suggestions on improving the deck would be greatly appreciated!

I do not have parallel lives in the deck because of how expensive it is at the moment. But it may be something that would help the deck greatly, haven't playtested it enough to know just yet.

Garruk Relentless   serves multiple purposes, on one hand he provides a free wolf every turn, he can also lightning bolt a creature and flip to make deathtouch wolves, search for creatures and finish games if not answered. Out of all the threats I think he is the best in overal utility.

Master of the Wild Hunt provides us with wolves every turn and can have all untapped wolves fight 1 opponents creatures. Still debating how much value he adds to the deck for the price.

Nightpack Ambusher is a wolf lord that can produce more wolves at the cost of not casting spells on our turn. Although the deck is not built around this card, it is at its best when in play with Wren's Run Packmaster since mana can be used for wolf production instead of spells to get even more wolves!


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