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How many wolves flipped? ALL OF THEM

Standard Competitive RG (Gruul) Werewolf


What's up guys and my fellow werewolves lovers. This is a deck I brewed that managed to get 3 and 1 at fnm. The deck is nuts and I'll explain it all.

The point of the deck is to either flip Geier reach Bandit, or recycle waxing moon. Waxing moon will either flip Geier reach or,if you are lucky your opponent didn't cast. Once she is flipped, start playing werewolf eldrazi that will not transform back. Such as kessig prowler, shrill howler, smoldering werewolf. Big beat downs that happen early game. Also can be used for Ulrich.

The second card used to transform werewolves that is a key card is 4 copys of waxing moon. Transform Any werewolf as a combat trick, and give all your creatures trample! Um sign me up!

We also have a few token generators to help late game or early game. Silverfur partisan, shrill howler and arlin of course.Don't underestimate shrill howler, with waxing moon and the trample effect the card is a monster and also puts 3/2 tokens on the field. Yes please.

And lastly 2 copys of shred of sanity to get back your waxing moon to flip your werewolves again, and big burn cards!


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