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Canadian Highlander BRG (Jund) Land Destruction


I was pondering recently on the topic of why my win rating in Canadian Highlander isn’t very high, and I ultimately settled on the hypothesis that only the cruel and hateful survive. Esper Soul-sisters aristocrats? Orzov stacks? Even Dimir tempo? These lists all have the common problem of letting your opponent play the game.

This list hopes to rectify that problem. We play as much 1 mana acceleration as we realistically can in the forms of things like Birds of Paradise and Deathrite Shaman along with some moxen in our points slots to get up to 3 or 4 mana on turn two and start slamming our wide suite of land destruction spells. At 3 mana you’ve got your Stone Rain , Ice Storm , Pillage and so forth, and once you get to four you have a veritable Flowstone Flood of options to choose from.

So our opponent has few, or ideally zero, lands. What comes next? Well, we have some time on our hands, we already started accelerating our mana, and we run plenty of fetchlands since this is a 3 color deck, so... Why not Panglacial Wurm ? Three hits from that bolt-busting bad boy and the game is done. Plus, the removal you need to worry about is mostly things like Fatal Push , Lightning Bolt , or Path of Exile, since your opponent will likely be holding up a land to try and deal with your threat. Many of these answers just don’t stop a 9/5 trampler for 7. If they do, you do run some more reasonable backup, Lord Windgrace , Titania, Protector of Argoth , The Gitrog Monster ... cool legends around the 5 mana slot that can make incidental use of your land ramp and take over the game.

Speaking of that land ramp, if you want to use “Symmetrical” effects like Army Ants to the fullest, you’ve gotta run some. We go for the classics like Rampant Growth and Harrow (which can incidentally also find our big wurm friend if you draw them lategame), But also some more unusual ones like Into the North and Edge of Autumn .

Why include these? Simple: take all the lands off of your opponent’s field, they can’t do anything. Take all the lands out of your deck, and you’ll draw nothing but gas.


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