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How Hansel and Gretel Should’ve Ended

Commander / EDH* BG (Golgari) Counters Improvise Tokens


Golgari food witches… whatever you do, avoid the hors d’oeurves. Best case scenario is to get out Gyome (of course), Academy Manufacturer, Nadier's Nightblade, and Marionette Master to deal mass amounts of non-combat damage to the other players. With Chatterfang in play, you can gain a pretty massive squirrel army fairly quickly that can be used as sacrificial fodder, chump-blocking, or just pump them up and overwhelm your opponent. Blossoming Bogbeast is a cheaper alternative to Craterhoof Behemoth and is this deck's true alternative Win-Con, especially with Whip of Erebos in play! Not a lot of board wipes but of course this deck can be edited to be even more competitive. For me, it's a pretty consistent deck with a fun design and most opponents I come across really like the novelty of this one. :)


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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