Memnarch is the true and only commander...he just shows up when he wants to. I decided to give this deck a little kick in the pants and make this a little more devious to pilot. The sneaky Kami of the Crescent Moon (Mochi is his name, yup, look it up) sits on the throne while Memnarch is out of the office.

Whomever I choose to be the commander the other will be shuffled into the 99. When Mochi is at the helm I become less of a target. However, if I feel the need when playing in competitive pods (sometimes Mochi is great for unsuspecting groups) Memdaddy steps in.

This deck's main objective is to create infinite mana to:

A) Steal all their things with the Momnarch and proceed to beat face with their own dudes. But how do you find him? We have a few draw spells, Staff of Domination, and artifact tutors to snatch him when needed. Think of this as a 3 card combo deck at all times.

B) Mill everyone with Stroke of Genius or Blue Sun's Zenith. I play stroke because it is easier to cast and I can give it pseudo flashback with Mission Briefing.

C) Cast all the artifacts and proceed to tick up Tezzeret the Seeker to reach his ult.

D) Mindslaver our opponents until they hate themselves.

Welcome to the deck and I hope you stay for the ride.

A.K.A. Mr. Steal Yo' Squirrel

A.K.A. Mr. Steal Yo' Gurl

A.K.A. Memdaddy

A.K.A. Momnarch

A.K.A. Season 1 of Narcos

A.K.A. I Like Dat

A.K.A. Mine

A.K.A. That Was Fast

A.K.A. Juice Head

A.K.A. Mr. Dies-O-Lot

A.K.A. Friend of Beevis

A.K.A. Big Memma

A.K.A. All Ice, No Wrist

A.K.A. All Wrist, No Ice

A.K.A. Drake Songs 'R' 'Bout Me

A.K.A. I Miss Tribe Called Quest

A.K.A. Booty Head

A.K.A. Grown Man

A.K.A. A Lot of Combos

A.K.A. Drip

A.K.A. Fatty Ice

A.K.A. Counter All the Hexproof Stuff

A.K.A. Splash

A.K.A. Put Me in, Coach

A.K.A. Hootie

A.K.A. The Answer

A.K.A. Mono-Squeeze Value Out

A.K.A. Iona Don't Touch Him

A.K.A. To Be or Not to Be Targeted

A.K.A. I Deserved That

A.K.A. Sleep On Queen Beds


A.K.A. "The football's like a one-man cold to Clifford Franklin. Clifford Franklin's the only man catchin' it, Clifford Franklin's the only man comin' down wid it." - Clifford Franklin, The Replacements Dir. Howard Deutch. Warner Bros., 2000. Film.

A.K.A. Golf Assassin

A.K.A. Curtis Conway

A.K.A. Mr. Small Hands

A.K.A. Mr. Soft Hands

A.K.A. Y'all Got Questions


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