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How Big, How Blue, How I seem to have no land...

Commander / EDH Combo Infinite Combo Jank Mono-Blue



Combo with Patron of the Moon's second ability, generating value through all sorts of shenanigans. You will have no land left, but you'll have fun doing it.

Combos of note:

Vedalken Mastermind + Retreat to Coralhelm + Parallax Tide = infinite landfalls (or damage with Sunscorched Desert or life with Radiant Fountain ).

Vedalken Mastermind + Parallax Tide = (2)(U)(U)(U): Exile 5 target lands

Storm Cauldron + Retreat to Coralhelm + Walking Atlas = infinite landfall and mana

Trade Routes + Retreat to Coralhelm + Walking Atlas = infinite landfall

Storm Cauldron + Retreat to Coralhelm + Walking Atlas + High Tide + Seer's Sundial / Soratami Cloudskater = infinite draw

Meloku the Clouded Mirror + Walking Atlas + Retreat to Coralhelm = infinite tokens

Words of Wind + Elsewhere Flask = (3): each opponent returns a permanent of their choice to their hand

Looking for a way to integrate more wheels in the deck (can't afford Timetwister but I bloody love this card), with the idea being return lots of permanents to the opponent's hand with Evacuation , Devastation Tide or Sunder then wheel them away. Preferably re-usable wheels that don't exile themselves. Ideas welcome!


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