I can't remember where I got the idea, probably over at, but ever since I've been gathering any blue "lords" I could, because:

"Mistform Ultimus is every creature type."

This instantly became the mono blue deck and is entry #7 to my Project 32 folder.

If you know of any more Tribal or Lord-like effects that fit into the deck (no "equal to the number of [type]" or "When you cast a [type]" effects, those don't work out well). I also need some more card draw.

Reasons for not including...

  • Scion of Oona: I have many targeted effects, and he's now the only Faerie besides Ultimus (Conclave simply wasn't worth it)
  • Long-Forgotten Gohei: I have only four spirits, one of which is Kira - and zero arcane spells
  • Xenograft: Costs five mana
  • Wing Splicer: Costs four mana
  • Visions Chimerae: cost four (and I simply don't havethem)
  • Other blue Slivers: Seemed irrelevant to me (although Mistform Sliver could make it in to help profit from other lords... and I already have a Hivestone here.)
  • Battleground Geist: Again, costs five mana - if only it granted a relevant ability...
  • Gauntlet of Power: Too symmetric.

Likely Candidates for swapping...

  • Blinkmoth Nexus: {1}{Tap} has proven to be very much... too much?
  • Kira: (prevents me from targeting, too)
  • Caged Sun: costs six mana, but asymmetry is SO worth it!
  • Flagship: only two Pirates... and doesn't have much impact

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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