The description might be a bit screwy, let me know if something is off. I have modified this deck a lot.

INTRODUCTION: Burn is a deck that uses fast and efficient damage effects to kill our opponent as quickly as possible. I've swept quite a few times in tournaments with this deck.


Grim Lavamancer is good for giving us a lot of extra reach and damage in one card.

Lightning Bolt is the best card for the deck. Lava Spike is bolts 5-8 and Rift Bolt is bolts 9-12, along with a one-of Shard Volley as bolt number 13. You never want to draw more than one a game so that is why I run only 1. Skullcrack can randomly ruin some decks and is direct instant speed damage to the opponent's face. Magma Jet is also instant speed but can filter your draws and can hit creatures. Exquisite Firecraft is almost always uncounterable and does a lot of damage. Searing Blaze is a 2 for 1, it's basically a double Lightning Bolt.

Smuggler's Copter is just midgame value if we need it. It is also evasive. Goblin Guide is probably the best creatures in the deck as it does so much damage, and is a repetitive clock. Same with Monastery Swiftspear and Ghitu Lavarunner. We also have Eidolon of the Great Revel which forces our opponent to use a removal spell on it right away, and can deal a lot of damage.


Anger of the Gods for small creature decks (or Bogles).

Dragon's Claw for when you need life, like the mirror.

Tormod's Crypt for graveyard shenanigans.

Magus of the Moon for decks like Tron or Jund.

Smash to Smithereens for artifact shenanigans, like Affinity or Skred Red's Dragon Claws.

Any questions or comments just leave below. Also if you are planning on building this deck or just Mono Red Burn in general feel free to make any kind of changes you want.


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