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Hornet Swing (new Tier 1 Vintage deck)



Prepare for domination with this insect flavored tier 1 deck for Vintage! Bamboozle your opponents with unexpected burn, consistent mana curve and big, indestructible, hexproof Wasps of Doom!

This deck has all the answers! Removal in the form of Wasp of the Bitter End, albeit a bit tougher to cast as you need Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker to make use of it. But fear not, we have a Black Lotus exactly for this reason, and we can splash any mana we want. For this reason we also have the just released and cheap Benalish Marshal to provide valuable boost to our crawlies, and you can easily cast him with your Black Lotus!

There is nothing more terrifying than a wasp clad in full plate armor. Attach a Darksteel Plate + Jousting Lance + Lightning Greaves to it, and you have a badass in the making.Don't be shy about it, and make it even more noble and terrifying by knighting it!Add a Dub and you have a true killer on your hands!

Green is known to have supper efficient creatures, and kickass ramp. How about adding some burn in the mix? You say it can't be done? Well fear not as we have the answer: Hornet Sting & Unyaro Bee Sting Noone expects the Hornet Sting! And they definitely don't expect Unyaro Bee Sting!! Unyaro Bees complement the mix, and Hornet Cannon can help you push through, to go for fatal.

Hornet Cobra may not be an actual hornet, but it is in its heart; and the power is just too strong to be left out.

Don't forget to cast Banewasp Affliction to make your opponent concede from sheer terror and disgust!

Funny trivia: Did you know?

Wasps are one of the most disgusting insects on earth, 80% of their genus is parasitic! Be sure to share this info with your opponent before you start the match, and instill terror into their hearts once they see your wasp army!


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