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Pulling Lazav from a booster made me love him. Now you will love him too. Those (really nice people) over at the EDH Power Level List drew my (immense) ire after ranking the Lazavster as a "high powered" general, without quite realizing that Lazav is a champion and a winner and we love him dearly.

The noble and inquisitive reader might ask, what makes Lazav so fantastic? The Lazavster is the instant speed backup to any of our creature based wincons, and can actually serve as a combo piece himself.

That's right Mr. Reader, this is a combo deck

We have a few different basic game plans
Use Doomsday as a one card out if you're holding a shitload of mana. Don't know how to Doomsday? Click here kids

What makes Doomsday an interesting choice for us? Lazav can crack the pile! Piling and flipping Hapless Researcher by casting Lazav after Doomsday allows us to crack the pile without a draw card, but it does cost us a premium! While we do run essential cards like Dark Ritual Lion's Eye Diamond Yawgmoth's Will and a bunch of various draw cards, expect to spend some mana of your own during the Doomsday. Make sure you have enough mana to go off!

Assemble the A + B of Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter , combine with Sensei's Divining Top to draw deck. Copy Artifact with Dramatic Scepter also has outlets by copying either Winds of Rebuke or Swan Song or Narset's Reversal
We got LOTS of counterspells. These help us protect our shizz and stop bad shizz. Use sparingly

We have LOTS of draw cards. Keep one to win from Gloomsday or Pacts.

Our mana rocks make mana. We run the most efficient ones. Not complicating it any further than that.

Praetor's Grasp is a hail-mary for when your own outs have vanished. Try to nab a lab man if you can!

Quicken + Doomsday secret tech. Untap with full mana and crack pile with natural draw. Also good with Scheming Symmetry .


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