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Historic: 14 land Steam-Kin Wizards

Historic Aggro Mono-Red Wizards


This deck is for the MTG Arena Historic format. I've played many red decks ever since MTG Arena beta started mostly in standard format and I absolutely fell in love with Light Up the Stage and Runaway Steam-Kin. The deck runs 8 conditional Lightning Bolts in Wizard's Lightning and Skewer the Critics. I've really had fun with the recent additions Heartfire Immolator and Soul-Scar Mage. Although it's sometimes a bit awkward having prowess creatures in play and only spectacle spells in hand.

The gameplan is to hit the opponent fast and hard, preferably in the face.

Any tips for this deck?


Diamond tier 4

I've added two copies of Magmatic Channeler in favor of Bonecrusher Giant and have substituted five Mountains for three Spikefield Hazard  s and two Ramunap Ruins. After a bunch of testing it hasn't yet bit me in the arse except for what I felt like was a slight increase in mulligans.

Anybody here that can shed some light on how many Spikefield Hazard  s to run?


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