This is a very straightforward Merfolk tribal aggro deck.

The plan is to flood the board with low-cost Merfolk, disrupt our opponent with a modest control package and eventually overwhelm them by buffing our Merfolk with lords or slipping past their defenses completely with Islandwalk.

If you're not attacking frequently, something has gone wrong. Don't be afraid to take a little punishment because the aim is dish out as much as we can.

  • Kumena's Speaker is a simple 1/1 for 1 mana but in most cases it'll be a 2/2 for 1 because it gets a +1/+1 buff if we control an Island or another Merfolk, which we almost certainly will at most stages of the game.

  • Tide Shaper is one of the new additions to Modern Merfolk and it's a spicy one. If we just need a body on board, it's a simple 1 mana 1/1 with all of our tribal synergies. However, we can pay 1 extra mana to kick it when we cast it, in which case it turns one of our opponent's lands into an Island. Keep in mind, it replaces all other text, types and abilities on that land. It just becomes a vanilla Island. This is essentially a Spreading Seas on a body. Furthermore, Tide Shaper then gives itself a +1/+1 buff as long as an opponent controls an Island . Talk about self synergy. This is a great creature against any deck that isn't running Blue or very little blue, because disrupting their mana base severely slows those decks down.

  • Lord of Atlantis is a straightforward tribal lord. It gives Merfolk +1/+1 and Islandwalk, all for just 2 mana. It's efficient and it enables our tribe to sneak past blockers if our opponent controls an Island .

  • Master of the Pearl Trident is pretty much an extra copy of Lord of Atlantis . Redundancy is the name of the game when it comes to tribal aggro decks reliant on Lord effects.

  • Merfolk Mistbinder is a simple 2/2 lord that gives all of our Merfolk a +1/+1 buff.

  • Silvergill Adept is in here because it provides a 2/1 body and replaces itself so we don't lose card advantage when we play it. It requires us to pay extra mana when we cast it but we can bypass this by revealing a Merfolk card in our hand instead.

  • Merrow Reejerey provides our Merfolk with a +1/+1 buff but also allows us to tap/untap any permanent whenever we cast a Merfolk spell. This a great utility effect that allows us to tap down blockers (or attackers if we Flash in a Merfolk Trickster on our opponent's turn). However we can also use it to untap our own creatures, if we're afraid of a lethal crackback after attacking all-out. Alternatively, we can just untap one of the lands we used to play that Merfolk in the first place. Merrow Reejerey lets us tap down blockers, keep our defenses up, or even keep our mana open for a counterspell. Excellent utility in this card.

  • Svyelun of Sea and Sky is another new toy Modern Merfolk get to play with. It's a 2/3 for 3 that has Indestructible if we have at least 2 other Merfolk on board which isn't too difficult for this deck. Indestructible not only makes it difficult to remove, but it gives our other Merfolk Ward 1, which means our opponent will have to spend an extra 1 mana to target them with anything. Finally, whenever it attacks, it draws us a card. Insane value in a deck like this

  • Counterspell is finally legal in Modern. And since we're playing a heavily Blue deck, we're taking advantage of it. Disrupting our opponent's plan is a great way to ensure ours is up and running faster.

  • Force of Negation is basically a free Negate during our opponent's turn. Always nice to have some interaction options even when we're tapped out. (It's not exactly free because we have to exile a blue card to cast it without the mana cost but in a mono-blue deck we'll almost always have something we can pitch for it).

  • Aether Vial is what allows us to cheat Merfolk into play so quickly. On each of our upkeeps, we have the option of putting a charge counter on it (we don't have to). We can tap it at any time to cheat a creature from our hand into play that has an equal CMC to the number of charge counters. Since most of our important creatures cost 2 CMC in the deck, Vial on 2 is probably the best option. However, if have multiple vials, then ideally we'll want a vial on 3, a vial on 2 and a vial on 1.
  • Botanical Sanctum taps for either of our colors and can come in untapped if we control 2 or fewer other lands. This is a great turn 1 play to ensure we can cast our Kumena's Speaker while also providing Blue mana for the rest of the game.

  • Vineglimmer Snarl taps for either of our colors and can come into play untapped if we reveal an Island.

  • Waterlogged Grove taps for either of our colors and we can also sacrifice it to draw a card if we need to.

  • Mutavault can turn itself into a 2/2 body with all creature types at instant speed. This is a great way to get another body on board that will benefit from all Merfolk synergies.

  • 10 Island s to round out the lands in the deck.

  • Ceremonious Rejection helps in the Tron/Eldrazi matchup by serving a cheap counter to most of their spells, especially Chalice of the Void .

  • Dispel is in here to combat spellslinger decks such as UR Blitz or RW Burn.

  • Mistcaller deals with most graveyard based decks or anything that cheats creatures into play such as Living End . It also synergizes with all of our Merfolk lords.

  • Suspend is a decent removal option for mono-blue. This assists in creature-heavy matchups in which we need to clear a path for our Merfolk to swing for damage, even if it's just temporary.

  • Tidebinder Mage can help against mid-range decks with a focus on Red and/or Green creatures. This can keep a Primeval Titan tapped down long enough to sneak some damage through.

  • Kira, Great Glass-Spinner helps against decks with a lot of targeted removal because it counters the first spell or ability aimed at our creatures each turn.

If you're on a budget, you can still play this deck but save quite a bit of money by making the following swaps:


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Kumena's Speaker and Merfolk Mistbinder are too good to be left out. Splashed a bit of green to take advantage of the increased aggression.


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