Version 4 of High and Dry.

Got a Deadeye Brawler from a draft and found a Treasure Map   and thought, I'ma tweak my pirate deck. And I like what I've done to it. I'd still like a few more Hostake Takers but I still don't want to buy singles right now and I honestly thought about taking out the one for something else since it's just a little out of place on the theme on treasure generation and pirate tribal.

I took out Prying Blade and put in Pirate's Cutlass instead and then immediately took them back out because I added two Dire Fleet Neckbreakers which I thought was fairly equivalent. I decided Deadeye Trackers weren't quite as useful as I wanted them to be and subbed in Rigging Runner; I also did this to spread out my colors of mana for my early critters due to the fact this is technically a five color deck and I wanted to be more covered if I didn't get a hand with all of the right mana. I put in another Root Out for consistency. As neat as Dire Fleet Ravager is, he just didn't seem to fit in the theme well enough so I took him out. And Fell Flagship I never used as a vehicle for fear of losing the power bonus and there are better ways to boost pirate stats. And then just a minor change, I subbed my Battle for Zendikar Evolving Wilds for Rivals of Ixalan ones. I'm a little sad I took out Prosperous Pirates, since the flavor text was the inspiration for the name of the deck, but it seemed a little expensive and I have other ways of generating treasure (plus Contract Killing still has mention of High and Dry in it's flavor text).


Removed: Deadeye Tracker x2, Dire Fleet Captain x1, Dire Fleet Ravager x1, Fell Flagship x2, Prosperous Pirates x1, Prying Blade x2, Ruthless Knave x1,

Added: Root Out x1, Sailor of Means x1, Deadeye Brawler x2, Dire Fleet Neckbreaker x2, Rigging Runner x1, Treasure Map   x1


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