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Heroic Aggro with Tenth District Legionnaire

Pauper EDH* Aggro RW (Boros)


This commander may not give you card advantage, but it gives you an incredible amount of card selection. Even something as innocuous as Expedite becomes an Opt that also gives a +1/+1 counter and haste, guaranteeing that you can draw what you need, whether that's another pump spell or the land you need to play multiple spells this turn. This gives the deck better consistency than any other aggro deck I have played yet, no matter how early or late in the game. Many of the spells in my rendition of the deck being cantrips (24 of them) also means that your hand stays pretty full, even as late as turn 6 or 7.

As far as speed goes, if you can keep early removal from connecting, at least one opponent should be dead from combat damage by the end of turn 5. If you have a trample or evasion aura on turn 3, then it will be two opponents. The average CMC of the deck being under 2 means you should be casting two spells per turn as early as turn 3. The +1/+1 counters pile up surprisingly fast, and the double strike pump spells mean that at least one of your opponents should get one-shotted.

The deck has proven surprisingly resilient to removal, thanks to all the white protection spells. These can make Pacifism auras fall off, block the targeting of a kill spell, or get you around blockers with deathtouch. Because of the low CMC, this protection kicks in extremely early. Many of the protection spells can be held up as early as turn 3 without slowing down your offensive pace.

I know the land count is a little high for usual PDH aggro decks, but this helps ensure that you can quickly replay the Legionnaire if early removal connects, making him cost 4. In the mid and late game, it's pretty easy to scry away those extra lands.

Right now, the main weakness of the deck is tokens, especially artifact tokens. Tokens make you consistently use up your trample and evasion sources if you don't have an aura, and if they're artifacts, then you can't use protection spells to get around them blocking. I'm considering adding one or two cards like Barrage of Boulders to kill them, or at least keep them from blocking.


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