So here's the plan.
Step 1) give xantcha to someone.
Step 2) buff/curse xantcha.
Step 3) let war commence.
Step 4) probably die, but a least it was fun.
Step 5) [optional] If you managed to make it past step 4, that means everyone else fought to the death and you emerged victorious. Congrats, now your friends hate you.

Some of the combos I have found are:
-Havoc Festival + Wound Reflection Kills all of your opponents in at the end of their turn regardless of how much life they have.
-Heartless Hidetsugu + Wound Reflection Kills all of your opponents at the end of the turn when you tap Heartless Hidetsugu, unless they have an odd life total, in which case they are left at 1.
-Harsh Mentor + Xantcha, Sleeper Agent Will hurt any of your opponents who use Xantcha's ability to draw a card, this might help deter some opponents from trying to pay for card advantage.
-Vampiric Link + Xantcha, Sleeper Agent is a steady way to gain life because she has to attack every turn.
-Heartless Hidetsugu + Vampiric Link This combo makes it so everyone else loses half their life total and you gain all of it.

Other things to note:
-Treacherous Link will protect Xantcha from burn spells and combat damage, while hurting her controller, but I am pretty sure that this cancels out the effects of other auras like Binding Agony and Ragged Veins.

In testing I find it usually takes until around turn 10, not accounting for any removal by opponents, to have what I would consider a really good board state. I would love to hear what others find in play testing.

I'm sure there is still a lot of tweaking to be done here. I usually play within the bant spectrum of colors so this is fairly new territory for me. Any suggestions are very helpful.


Updates Add

I took out Molten Slagheap + Seizures and replaced them with Sunbird's Invocation + Vampiric Link.
- Molten slagheap was rarely used as anything other than a colorless land.
- Seizures allows an opponent with excess mana to mitigate the damage.
- Sunbird's invocation allows more spells to be played in mid to late game.
- Vampiric link is can be used in many different circumstances to gain extra life.

Let me know what you think about these changes or if there are anymore changes you think will improve the deck.


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