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Here Lies Reaper King. King of the Slow.

Commander / EDH Elementals Landfall Multiplayer Ramp RUG (Temur)




-sakura tribe elder for roiling vortex

Power level 6 deck who's primary themes are Elemental Tribal and enter the battlefield effects from creatures and lands. The Focus is on rushing to 8 lands to get Omnath, Locus of the Roil online as a draw engine. After this point, the deck maintains a lot of gas through landfall having card draw attached to it and engines like Abundance and Evolutionary Leap digging out creatures. Having a usually dominant mana base compared to other players, the deck turns into a midgame value engine with the creature base to block early aggro players and the burst to close out before greedier late game value engines.

Turn 0 Discussion

This deck was built in a combat-focused meta that allows proxies. The deck has two 0-mana interaction spells (Endurance & Subtlety). The deck tends to be out of the getting ready stage by turn 4 and by turn 5, is working to whittle down opponents with overwhelming tokens.


Aggressively mulligan for ramp spells. But otherwise, still learning the aggressive mulligans for this deck

Early Game

In the early game, focus on getting as many lands into play. Cards like Avatar of Growth and Rootweaver Druid quickly accelerate the game but due to Omnath, Locus of the Roil, the deck tends to be set up in the best position to act on its game plans.

After ramping to 8 lands, and getting Omnath, Locus of the Roil online, we'll have the mana to get out as spell each turn and have counterspell backup or two spells per turn and have an impact on the board. Abundance guarantees a land drop every turn which turn into a guaranteed non-land while Sylvan Library gives us some draw depth and quick gas. Titania, Nature's Force & Zendikar's Roil reward our consistent land drops and ramp with board presence while Evolutionary Leap & Risen Reef turn our tokens and low-costed creatures into more bigger creatures or more lands, feeding back into the loop.

Finale of Devastation, Traverse the Ulvenwald & Flamekin Harbinger are the main tutors of the deck.

Early game tutoring for Risen Reef and Animar, Soul of Elements if your hand has a lot of creatures or flickering mechanics.

Late game, we need to get getting any of our elemental token generators such as omnath,locus of rage and Titania, Nature's Force.

Crop Rotation & Traverse the Ulvenwald let us tutor Ancient Tomb and Gaea's Cradle in the early game and late game, respectively.

Weird to include stax inside your non-stax decks but having the ability to slow down 3+ other players is a lot more resource efficient than trying to remove one players things.

Confounding Conundrum is our general all-star. Helps shut down other ramp decks that try to compete with our set-up stage. Additionally, a few of our ramp spells are group hug like Avatar of Growth and Rootweaver Druid so this shoves those extra lands back into our opponents hands. Finally, with the addition of Parallax Tide, we can flicker 5 lands from an opponent and return 4 of them back to their hand, almost shutting them out of the game.

Endurance is our instant speed graveyard hate. Saving this if your pod has a reanimator deck is more important than getting another creature into play or protecting our own graveyard since this is the deck's only answer.

Manglehorn is an efficient removal and stax piece all in one. Slowing down treasure tokens, mana rocks and artifact creatures.

Parallax Tide can be used aggressively to remove 4 lands from an opponent, resulting in getting them behind, hopefully a full turn.

Long Game

Hopefully by this point, the deck has managed to outramp its opponents or remain competitive on resources and we want to transition from singular landfall into a land avalanche.

We want a few catch all counterspells but mainly we want to protect our board state from board wipes and our finishers from being countered.

Arcane Denial, Counterspell, Delay, Dualcaster Mage, Negate, Subtlety, Swan Song

Awaken the Woods, Parallax Tide, Scapeshift, & Splendid Reclamation trigger an excessive amount of landfall triggers and with Omnath, Locus of the Roil can refill our hand.

Avenger of Zendikar, Omnath, Locus of Rage, Titania, Nature's Force, & Field of the Dead are our big land payoffs while the first two are able to close out the game on their own with their included damage.

Dualcaster Mage + Ghostly Flicker combo for infinite etbs, or infinite mana. Paired with Omnath is an infinite damage combo.

Kamahl's Will, Sylvan Awakening and the density of elementals in the deck allow our commander to finish off targets protected behind pillow fort or the former 2 provide a quick board state

Finale of Devastation allows us to buff our board presence into the lethal range while tutoring or reanimating our other finishers


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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