"Hey, can I read that card? Wow, that's really cool. Sorry, but, it's mine now, I'm taking it, thanks."

"Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, more like Elesh Norn, Grand CenoMINE, amiright? Yeah? No? Ok..."

"You've got a Temporal Manipulation in your deck there somewhere, right? Oh! Awesome, there it is, thank youuu. Hmm... Oh, you've got a Nexus of Fate, too? Hah, that's going away."

Baseline: if your board isn't a rainbow from all the different colored sleeves of your opponents, and you're only playing with your own cards, you're doing this wrong. Steal other people's cards (temporarily, you're not playing for ante) and play with their expensive cardboard toys. Mainly, you're gonna want to take things from graveyards or libraries, using your commander and things like Knowledge Exploitation, Extract from Darkness, or Memory Plunder.

Disclaimer: Be careful when playing theft, and especially exile. I've toned the power down on this deck quite a bit, because most everyone who plays against this deck dislikes it doesn't want to play against it. Since I love this deck, and theft, I decided to bring the strength down and keep it together. If you wanna be mean, I'll put some changes below (when I get around to it)

  • Virtue's Ruin is pretty great... against the right decks. If you've got someone consistently playing Angels, Knights, Spirits, Unicorns, or something else of that nature, slot that baby right on in.

  • If you just wanna screw around and play with more higher costing spells, go ahead and throw in Mind's Dilation and/or Silent-Blade Oni.

  • Add Duskmantle Guildmage and Mindcrank for an infinite combo.

  • Traumatize and Fraying Sanity is also another winning combo that fits.

  • Bolas's Citadel just adds so much power to the deck. (But honestly, what's the fun in playing your own copy? Most satisfying play: Commandeer one for yourself.)

  • I switch Oona, Queen of the Fae out for the commander to piss people off sometimes. She's fun for pretending like your deck's more competitive. (Her Secret Lair version is also just looks gorgeous and fun to see in the command zone.) However, Wrexial is the true commander and soul of the deck.


Updates Add

Changing back to Dimir, taking out red. Jeleva's just annoying to play against, and I find that I usually dislike casting her, as it just paints a big target on my face. Will probably switch back to Wrexial.


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