I like tokens. White is one of the colors I use most often. But I rarely focus on the White token making side.

This deck fixes that. The name of the game is making tokens and attacking with tokens- with the goal to blitz down opponents with a veritable horde. We also have some life gain synergies, mainly to capitalize on one of the main ways White has to draw cards. What helps is there some cards that buff the army or make tokens for gaining life. There's a few hatebears for taste, but that's to help slow opponents down while we try to muster up an army. Adeline also makes a nice beater, for a slippery win with Rogue's Passage.

Speaking of life- we have an infinite combo as one of the pay-offs. Walking Ballista (with two counters on it minimum) + Heliod, Sun-Crowned. Give Ballista lifelink. Remove a counter. Blast opponents. Gain life and place counter with Heliod. Repeat until dead.


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