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This is my Heliod, Sun-Crowned deck aimed for regular play at commander events. I am hellbent on proving that white can be good! This deck is meant to go wide with weenies while gaining life and pumping them with Heliod's ability. The following primer will help you get a good grasp as to how the different moving parts lock together. Cards in the maybeboard are cards that I have considered but I honestly dont know what to remove to add them in.

In this section I will cover why I have included almost every card in the deck. I will also go over the strengths and weaknesses after the primer is over.

This is any effect that would cause me to gain life on a creature ETB. These are named as such because of the popular deck Soul Sisters which run's the cards Soul's Attendant and Soul Warden. The soul sister-like effects I have in this list are

So yeah. I know. White lacks card draw power like the other colors do. However! That doesn't mean all is lost.

  • Alhammarret's Archive: This will lets us double our draws from any of the following cards and also gains us more life!
  • Alms Collector: This guy let's us profit off of other player's card draw. Evening the disparity between us and them.
  • Dawn of Hope: While it's other ability to make a 1/1 is a tad expensive, the ability to draw a card on any of our lifegain triggers for only is very good for us.
  • Endless Atlas: What a beautifully underrated card! Paying to draw a card each turn is very solid in a color that lacks card draw.
  • Mind's Eye: As long as we have spare mana then this will let us draw on an opponents draw. If paired with Smothering Tithe then we can always pay for it.
  • Scroll Rack: I know this isn't true card draw but when you pair this with Land Tax then you effectively draw three cards and a land every turn.
  • Skullclamp: Equip this to a one toughness creature and it will die, drawing two cards. Simple and solid.
  • Well of Lost Dreams: Pay to draw x equal to our life gain is very solid in a deck that is centered on it.
This is another thing white does lack a bit. However we are running some cards to make this weakness be mostly negligible. Aside from obvious mana rocks like Sol Ring we have a few more interesting effects.

As much as Heliod allows us to combo for the win we still have to have a primary gameplan. With the previously mentioned lifegain effects we can pump our weenies to be much larger than their base power and toughness. The following are our generators for our army.

  • Adanto, the First Fort: The land that Legion's Landing  flips into. Makes a 1/1 for three mana with lifelink.
  • Brimaz, King of Oreskos: Makes a 1/1 with vigilance on both attack and block. Making him both an offensive and defensive tool.
  • Castle Ardenvale: For four mana we make a 1/1. Not amazing but if we have nothing else to do or we just got wiped then it will let us begin to rebuild.
  • Crested Sunmare: This high-costed horse makes a 5/5 on any endstep if we gained life that turn. He also makes those tokens indestructible.
  • Elspeth, Sun's Champion: One of the better token makers in white, Elspeth's +1 makes three 1/1 tokens and if we get her emblem off then our whole army gets +2/+2 and flying, permanently.
  • Hero of Bladehold: Not only does she pump our whole army she also brings two friends to the party!
  • Kjeldoran Outpost: For two mana we can make a dude. This, Like the castle, can be helpful in a pinch.
  • Luminarch Ascension: Honestly the target this card paints on you is far outweighed by the ability to dump mana into making a 4/4 angel with flying. If we have the mana we want to use it for this if it is online.
  • Storm Herd: Ten mana for an average of sixty pegasi with flying. This card will cause us to just win if we get to untap and swing with them usually.
People are going to want to destroy our permanents. That is just a fact of the game. Other times we will need to slow an opponent down or make it so they have to waste their time or resources on something.

  • Authority of the Consuls: Forcing our opponents onto the back-foot if they are a heavily creature reliant deck by making their creatures enter tapped.
  • Blind Obedience: The same as above but this two mana enchantment also causes artifacts to enter tapped which will slow down a player relying on artifact ramp or combos like with Urza, Lord High Artificer
  • Crackdown: Makes our opponent's big guys not untap. This paired with either of the above can be devastating.
  • Ghostly Prison: A way to dissuade our opponent's from swinging at us by taxing their attacks.
  • Giver of Runes: Stepmom is a powerful effect that let's us protect a single creature from something that targets it or allows it to block something far larger. It can effectively give something unblockable as well if the boardstate is right.
  • Grand Abolisher: Blue player's worst nightmare, not being allowed to play on my turn. If we untap with this on the field and have the mana to do it we can cast and use Walking Ballista without having to worry about a response of any sort. People also tend to forget to remove it until it is too late and already your turn.
  • Karmic Justice: This could have been categorized with removal but I feel like disruption fits better. This makes our opponents think twice before removing something as they might lose something valuable or even a land if need be. While it doesn't trigger off our creatures being removed there are still other threats permanents that it will keep a bit safer.
  • Lightning Greaves: What else can I say about this card? Haste and shroud are just good.
  • Mother of Runes: Mom is notorious for being able to keep other creatures alive by granting protection. unlike the newer Giver of Runes she cannot grant protection from colorless but that is offset by her being able to target herself if need be.
  • Ranger-Captain of Eos: Being able to fetch several of the creatures in this deck is great but his second ability is almost better. forcing an opponent to not cast noncreature spells when we are trying to do something. Or maybe even sacrificing him when someone goes to combo off to keep them from winning.
  • Teferi's Protection: Another one of the best white cards printed in the last decade, this instant is a get-out-of-jail-free card. If it resolves then it becomes very difficult to deal with you until your next turn when you phase back in.
Sometimes we just have to destroy or get something specific. Either because we have the resources to combo off or we need to deal with something that is going to set us back real hard.

  • Enlightened Tutor: This one drop lets us go and get either a combo piece or something to help ramp or draw cards if the plan to combo isn't really possible.
  • Fumigate: A wrath effect that can gain us huge amounts of life.
  • Generous Gift: White's own version of Beast Within is very solid. "Destroy target permanent" is one of the best things to read on a removal spell and the 3/3 it makes can trigger our Soul Sisters too.
  • Grasp of Fate: Being able to exile, even if it is only temporarily, one nonland card from each opponent for only is insane for obvious reasons.
  • Hour of Revelation: When it comes to destroying everything there are few cards that compete with doing it for only three mana.
  • Land Tax: The combo with Scroll Rack aside, this card is still fantastic for getting us back in the game or thinning out our deck a tad each turn.
  • Path to Exile: For the low cost of you can exile a problematic creature. Usually in response to it being enchanted or equipped with protection of some sort.
  • Ranger of Eos & Ranger-Captain of Eos: They both fetch at least one creature that costs one or less. be it our ballista or a soul sister they are both solid cards.
  • Recruiter of the Guard: While similar to the above, Recruiter can actually tutor a fistful more of our creatures. If we want to be cute we can even get Ranger of Eos with this effect.
  • Return to Dust: Exiling one or more artifacts and enchantments at instant speed is very good. While other cards like Heliod's Intervention can fill this role too Return to Dust exiling the target is often much better.
  • Swords to Plowshares: The other of white's two exile removal spells for only . This is as good as the other one for the same reasons.
  • Weathered Wayfarer: For a similar reason as Land Tax being able to fetch lands is pretty good. Being able to fetch any land once a turn is way better at times.
  • Wrath of God: The namesake of all "destroy all creatures" effects. Wrath if good at what it does and is only four mana to cast.

This deck has its ups and downs. I won't pretend it is unbeatable or perfect because this is a multiplayer game where people can stop you at what you want to do. However lets break these down. Firstly,


This is a white deck meaning we will be going wide with weenies. Our various token generators and fatties will let us swing in on our opponents throughout the whole game. Continuously dealing an ever increasing amount of damage. The deck is also mono colored meaning the mana base is simple and we will never be lacking in the color we need. Lastly we will be gaining large amounts of life almost constantly. This will make it difficult to kill us but also allow us to use lifegain win effects like Test of Endurance or Aetherflux Reservoir.


So even superman has a weakness and so do we. Boardwipes. Plain and simply if our stuff keeps getting removed or isn't able to stick on the board then we will have trouble closing out the game. Another weakness is also one of the strengths on the deck. Being monocolored is great for the manabase and our wallets but horrible in the sense that white STILL lags behind the other colors a tad. While the color's weaknesses have been slightly mitigated through some colorless cards the fact of the matter is that those weaknesses still remain. Lastly, This deck is combat oriented and heavy on ETB effects. Meaning if we can't attack someone because of pillowfort cards or if an effect like Torpor Orb is down we will be hindered greatly. Erebos, God of the Dead and Rain of Gore can very quickly end us.

The key thing to keep in mind when playing is any effect that says "Whenever another creature enters the battlefield gain 1 life," or any variouation thereof, allows us to add counters to any token generated with these effects on the board. So if we have a Soul's Attendant and Daxos, Blessed by the Sun then anytime we make a token and Heliod is on the board we can choose to place those counters on the newly created tokens effectively turning Elspeth's ability into make three 3/3 soldier tokens and gain six life. This is especially useful when using Brimaz, King of Oreskos or Hero of Bladehold. Other simple things to remember is that the soul sisters paired with Crested Sunmare or Archangel of Thune Also make dudes much larger and makes an army of horses, even on other player's endsteps!

Not every card can make the cut however and the following are some important cards that didn't make the cut

  • Expedition Map - This card does not actually ramp and only takes up space in the list where I would rather have something else.
  • Serra's Sanctum - This card is just too expensive at the moment. Even if I had one I only run 15 enchantments including Heliod so I don't know If it would actually be on most games.
  • Felidar Sovereign - Seems like a free win in this deck, however due to lacking flash or a good ammount of protection it will almost always never see my next turn. I also don't like the feeling of winning with this card. Oddly enough i don't feel this way towards Test of Endurance.
  • Triskelion - Yeah I know this is the daddy of the Mike&Trike combo but for 6 mana I would need 8 on board to cast it and activate Heliod to give him lifelink.
  • Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - Once again an effect that while great often is too much mana to get down reliably and have it live.
  • Darien, King of Kjeldor - Read above.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome!!


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