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Still a work in progress. A hand rip and cheap creatures combination that i've been testing for a week now. I like the idea with Heartless Summoning being able to flop a combination of 2 Desecration Demon, Shimian Specter or an extra Olivia Voldaren by T4.

The Deathrite Shaman has been really good in the deck due to early discards by Duress and Appetite for Brains .Removal wise the BR affords me the all star Dreadbore only supported by Tribute to Hunger and Ultimate Price.

I know the biggest knock on the deck is it might be doing too much or that it might really not need Heartless Summoning for the 11 creatures it makes cheaper, but like I said a work in progress. Surprisingly the mana base works.Any help or violent criticisms welcome.


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