Hey y’all, I built Hazoret after finishing the 4 God-Eternals. It was suggested to me by my good friend cancerousmole instead of finishing the cycle with Ilharg, the Raze-Boar as it made more sense thematically.

The deck is very artifact reliant, and has numerous ways to recur and tutor them out as needed, such as; Goblin Engineer , Gamble , Inventors' Fair , or Godo, Bandit Warlord to tutor, and Myr Retriever , Salvager of Ruin or Trading Post (especially useful as a sac out for Spine of Ish Sah ) to recur. Ultimately, the deck seeks to control the board through stax effects and damage based mass removal that will keep Hazoret the Fervent on the board, all while dumping my hand in order to swing for big commander damage.

Alternatively, Repercussion can be used to kill the table with board wipes such as Rolling Earthquake , Star of Extinction or Pyrohemia in case Hazoret is removed and we can’t recast it. Though we do include Sword of Sinew and Steel , Sword of Truth and Justice , and Commander's Plate to prevent that happening.

Similarly, Blazing Sunsteel , with assistance from Pariah's Shield , can redirect damage to an opponent, using hazoret as a damage sink.

Lastly, Koth of the Hammer or Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle can turn some of our recurrable land ramp/fetches into another way to win. Hazoret really needs support closing out the game in a multiplayer pod, and I have built around that weakness.

This deck closes out my cycle of God decks, and it felt thematically fitting to end the cycle with the only God who wasn’t eternalized. I look forward to any input, advice, or ideas.


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