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I never thought a core set would be what caused me to make Kaalia work until M20, but here we are, lol. Kaalia, Zenith Seeker and Vilis, Broker of Blood basically made this deck possible and I love it to death.

The deck is basically a hardcore highlander, which translates to no cards with the same name... at all. Not even basic lands. Of course, this means cards like Back to Basics and Blood Moon destroy me, but if someone's running that kinda thing, I'll just swap in some of the basics I have in the sideboard.

Speaking of, the sideboard was added in the off chance that I find a playgroup who'll let me use Griselby and Iona, but then I upgraded it so tha I can have a Duel Commander version of this deck as well, since they're not banned in that format. I also have some additional goodies depending on the meta and some cards in case I want to convert it into a regular Hardcore Highlander. Just in case.

That aside, this deck is a pretty standard fair Kaalia ADD, albeit with some additional goodies to abuse Rakdos the Defiler and Master of Cruelties ' effects. I cannot stress enough how hilarious Oni of Wild Places is in this deck. XD Dropping him into play right after swinging with one or the other sends a message quite thoroughly, needless to say.

I also made it a distinct point to get as much out of my ADD as I could, running cards that give me as much bang for my buck as possible so I don't have to rely solely on Kaalia to bring them out. It works well enough and that mana curve is absolutely beautiful, needless to say. One of my most common criticisms of other Kaalia decks is that they often let themselves be too reliant on her by running big, dumb beatsticks with little to no regard for synergy.

Lemme know what you think, eh? :)


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Alright, once and for all, the sideboard has been finalized. Not much more to say, lol. Its purpose is to adapt to the meta of one playgroup or another, to make a quick alter in the event of a 1v1 game, or to change the deck into a straight-up Hardcore Highlander, taking out the Commander-specific cards to that end, in the event that I get to play a silly group game with some friends,


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