what is your favorite part of the holiday's? mine is when people give me stuff. that is why I mad this BG Gifts Ungiven Deck. Realms Uncharted = Gifts Ungiven but better. it only costs 3 and it is green. the premise of this deck is essentially to have control over more pieces of cardboard than your opponent. there is a common misconception in magic that drawing a land is not as good as drawing a card. this is not necessarily true. for example Nissa's Triumph and Life from the Loam are essentially 2 mana draw 3's in green. you can use this undercoated card advantage to abuse some other mechanics, namely Retrace. one of the things that makes this deck viable is Raven's Crime which allows me to turn lands into non land cards by emptying my opponents hand. this combo destroys the heck out of control and combo decks. Cycling lands can also turn directly into card draw. you can loam back 3 Barren Moor and then cycle them for 3 mana to get 3 cards. cycling is also an uncouterable instant speed ability that allows you to dredge Life from the Loam to protect it from graveyard hate. I think the concept of this deck is pretty cool although it's aggro matchup isn't great. I am by no means decided on which lands I want to use or how to configure the sideboard yet so if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. some tron payoffs would be cool but I think they would be dead cards most of the game so i probably won't go higher than World Breaker with Cascading Cataracts it is easy to Worm Harvest with Tron Mana and just win pretty quickly. I personally am a huge fan of Sylvan Advocate when used with Nissa, Vital Force , Treetop Village and Hissing Quagmire . I like having it in the deck to help against aggro matchups and helps get the clock going from the start of the game. despite the number of tapplands I run I don't usually get annoyed by them because when you run so many lands you pretty much always have access to at least one untapped. I really would like some repeatable lifegain because it is easy for this deck to do nothing for the early turns of the game. comment any ideas, questions or, thoughts. thank you!


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