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Happily Ever Reborn - 5C Control

Commander / EDH Casual Control Theme/Gimmick


A Five Color Control deck built around winning with the terrible yet charming Happily Ever After . Winning with this card is the main priority, yet there are plenty of control finishers we use to our advantage as well. Control the board, ramp out lands, and take advantage of different Stax-esque cards to ensure your victory! Hope you enjoy!

So because we built the list around happily ever after we split the deck up into an even amount of permanent types to facilitate the steep win conditions. Before we get into the different permanent types lets go over the commander : Niv-Mizzet Reborn . He does all of the heavily lifting in the Card Draw category and if you haven't noticed by now, a majority of our cards are Gold/Multi-colored. This will allow us to ramp up to Niv, refill our hand and be one step closer to a Dub. I prioritized Land fixing/ramp and tutors over traditional card draw because we have access to Niv in the command zone. TEN cards off the top means we can shop around permanent types for HEA, find critical removal, or grab a game ender for the low cost of 5 mana. Finally, 6/6 isn't anything to sneeze at.

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