Strong but not cEDH Hapatra deck making use of combos involving -1/-1 counters. Plans to get Hapatra out and assemble a combo as fast a possible. While combo is the main line, often can reach a boardstate with enough snakes to kill through combat using Beastmaster Ascension or Triumph of the Hordes.

Notable combos:

Hapatra can be interchanged for Nest of Scarabs for all but the second combo.

Zulaport Cutthroat can be interchanged for Obelisk Spider or Essence Warden.

The Yawgmoth combo does not go infinite in this state, however it does allow you to clear the board of all you opponents creatures and draw large amounts of cards, which usually is enough damage / advantage to win. For a truly infinite combo, effects such as Nest of Scarabs or Seshiro the Anointed or Eldrazi Monument or Chatterfang, Squirrel General or Ivy Lane Denizen are needed to be self sustaining.

Fast mana has been excluded and tutors have been limited to 6 in order to better fit with my meta.


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