I've always really loved the original Hanna, Ship's Navigator artwork but couldn't really decide how to build her. This is what I finally came up with, and am really looking forward to testing it out. I like Hanna because she flies under the radar and isn't a very competitive commander. Also, most of this deck is artifacts and enchantments, and she lets us get that stuff back when it gets killed off, which is solid.

The main goal of the deck is to turn cards in my opponents hand or in my hand into direct damage, using cards like Psychosis Crawler , Iron Maiden , and Viseling . There aren't many cards like this that fit into a U/W deck, so there's quite a few ways to make copies of these cards.

A secondary wincon that works well with the primary one is Mechanized Production . If I can get 8 copies of any artifact on the field with this card out, I win. Making copies is something that this deck already wants to do, so it was an easy include.

My backup wincon is Near-Death Experience , especially if my life is already getting low. Worship lets me safely get down to 1 and stay there. If I need to toss life away to get down to 1, I can use Phyrexian Processor . This also gets me a big ol' swinger depending on how much life I dump into it.

So I've always really liked when other decks on here go through all their cards and what they do in the deck, so I'll attempt that below:

Brainstorm : with Psychosis Crawler out, gives me the draw triggers that I want. Good value.

Dictate of Kruphix : flash it in before my turn, gives everyone draws.

Forced Fruition : it's a bomb in this deck. For Viseling and Iron Maiden to do work, I need to get large amount of cards in my opponents hand.

Howling Mine : a classic. Let's draw some cards.

Jushi Apprentice : once he flips, can use him to double my hand or throw a bunch of cards into an opponents hand right before their turn starts.

Kami of the Crescent Moon : howling mine on a cute little blue dude. Sweet.

Minds Aglow : once people see what the deck is doing, they're not likely to pay into it, but makes for a second Prosperity effect in the deck.

Mystic Remora : my favorite draw engine. Once the upkeep cost gets too crazy, let it die, recur it with Hanna.

Otherworld Atlas : if left unchecked, can become some serious group draw

Prosperity : "hey, have some cards"

Rhystic Study : with Psychosis Crawler out, really have to think about paying the one.

Standstill : I can play this and recur it over and over to make my opponents draw an extra 3 cards every turn cycle. Or if I want the cards, just play it at the end of my turn.

Temple Bell : more symmetrical card draw

Words of Wisdom nice in the early game

Aphetto Alchemist : with a large chunk of the deck being artifacts, makes for some nice usage. Also lets me untap Hanna to recur two things from my graveyard in a turn.

Fog Bank : my favorite blocker ever. Super cheap, can block almost anything. Cool dinosaur art.

Serene Master : "HI-YAH"

Wall of Denial : a sweet blocker

Wall of Junk : reusable, has a big butt. Also, I get make jokes about my junk, which is fun for everyone.

Wall of Tears : good blocker, and forces an extra card into their hand. Ping.

Arcane Denial : good counter spell. Also has card draw on it.

Disenchant : almost always has a good Target. Get that Smothering Tithe out of here.

Dream Fracture : see Arcane Denial

Echo Mage : love this guy. Makes for good shenanigans.

Journey to Nowhere : in my eyes, basically a white Lignify/Pongify

Muddle the Mixture : either counter something, or go grab Iron Maiden.

Reality Shift : blue Swords to Plowshares? I'll take it.

Seal of Cleansing : with Hanna out, basically has flashback. Nice.

Swords to Plowshares : classic. Almost always has a good Target.

Iron Maiden : great band. Even greater card. Nice punishment for greedy card draw, and how this deck wants to win.

Psychosis Crawler : best card in the deck. We have a lot of repeatable card draw, and this brain-spider-robot is out for blood.

Viseling : does the exact same thing as Iron Maiden, but it's a creature.

Claws of Gix : is really in here to use with Induced Amnesia . With the two out with Hanna, basically reads as "Pay 7: Gain a life, double my hand size", and I can do it over and over. If I have Psychosis Crawler out, and say 6 cards in hand, do this and draw 6, doing 6 damage. Now I have 12 in hand, do it again. Draw 12, do 12 damage. Again, 24 damage. Etc.

Induced Amnesia : see Claws of Gix

Masterful Replication : can be a sneaky way to win with Mechanized Production . Can also use it to make all of my artifacts into Psychosis Crawler right before a big draw, or get 6 Iron Maidens out right before someone's turn. Nice.

Mechanized Production : nice versatility in this deck. Can help me win in a couple different ways.

Mirage Mirror : there is almost always something fun to copy. Can make for some fun games.

Mirrorworks : sounds good on paper, but I might take this out. Has been underwhelming in play-testing the deck.

Prototype Portal : nice little artifact Xerox machine

Rite of Replication : looking at you, Psychosis Crawler.

Spellbook : discarding gives me the feel-bads

Near-Death Experience : went over this one at the top.

Worship : I refuse to die

Phyrexian Processor : "yeah, I'm gonna pay 37 life into this thing."

Aurification : I like this card sooo much more than Propaganda and Ghostly Prison . If someone's try to swing in with some giant dude, paying two isn't gonna stop them. However, turning their dude into a Wall will keep them off my back.

Dissipation Field : helps me keep attackers away from me, or get cards back into their owners hands.

Ghostly Prison : great defense against decks that want to go wide and attack with a bunch of pumped up weenies

Pariah : good defense against a Voltron deck. Also has a really cool synergy with Swans of Bryn Argoll . If someone attacked me, all the damage would get routed to the Swans, and then I'd get to draw that many cards.

Sphere of Safety : please don't attack me

Swans of Bryn Argoll : usually this card would make people want to attack me for the card draw, but this deck wants that to happen to turn it into damage.

The ramp section is pretty straightforward, so I'll skip that part.

Fabricate : can get any one of my main pieces. Great tutor

Plea for Guidance : if I already have Psychosis Crawler out, I'm gonna go grab my best card draw enchantments, Mystic Remora and Rhystic Study . If not, I'll probably go grab Near-Death Experience and Worship , and just wait for someone to start taking my life down.

Trinket Mage : can get some goodies like Sol Ring and Claws of Gix. Good blocker.

Trophy Mage : can grab Iron Maiden, very handy for the deck.

Well, that's everything but the lands and the ramp, and those are pretty self-explanatory. Thanks for reading through my card choices. Please feel free to offer any pointers here. I flagged this deck for help to hopefully get some pointers and cut some cards to make room for some better ones. This was a difficult strategy to get a U/W deck to follow, but I really want to make it work. From play-testing, I think I really need more ways to get to Psychosis Crawler. Cheers!


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