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Who likes free/cheap cards? Elephants, that's who!

Base idea is spiraling out of control quickly into a beat down deck, play big things, murder people in the face. X Cost critters are equivalent to mana dorks for this elephant. In fact, after you resolve them, they're more like Helm of Awakening's for yourself!

My ideal version of this deck is going to be enough X cost or CMC 3 or less dudes that come with counters to reliably drop our commander turn 3-4. After that, assemble a draw engine, dump your hand, go to town.

Ideas I'm still considering: * Backup recursion combo wins (Yomiji or another recursion critter, cost reduction, and a sac outlet to re-cast Eldrazi or other good ETB's over and over) * Hasty shenanigans (Akroma's Memorial or Crashing Drawbridge) * Flash shenanigans (Yeva and Vernal Equinox and Vedalkin Orrery)

Anything else you guys come up with!


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