Hallar EDH Project, I'm aiming to make it the best it can be within a 75% 4 player match. Any suggestion are highly appreciated, as I still have to cut some cards to start testing. The Maybeboard cards are the ones I cut so far, but some might come back after testing starts.

Card Choices

This is where I'm kind of struggling to find a balance of having enough draw sources

Tireless Tracker is just a nice source of card draw in a deck that likes to ramp, and he also gets counters

Lifecrafter's Bestiary


Inspiring Call

Soul's Majesty

Rishkar's Expertise

Keen Sense and Snake Umbra are beasts with Hallar, getting me up to 3 draws per kicked spell

Zendikar Resurgent

All of these turn Hallar into a dangerous monster

Basilisk Collar and Loxodon Warhammer gets me a ton of life

Grafted Exoskeleton and Triumph of the Hordes straight up win the game with a burst of counters and 1-2 kicked spells

Gratuitous Violence, Insult // Injury and Quest for Pure Flame double Hallar's damage output, and the quest is easily activated with some attacks or one Hallar activation

Strionic Resonator also doubles Hallar for one activation

As a deck that wants to have Hallar out on the field most of the time, ways to protect him are needed

Darksteel Plate

Inspiring Call

Snake Umbra

Vines of Vastwood

Alpha Authority

Champion's Helm

Lightning Greaves

Swiftfoot Boots

Recursion to grab my best cards back if someone blows them

Bow of Nylea

Den Protector


Eternal Witness


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