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Halana & Alena - Stomping Ground (v0.7)

Commander / EDH Counters Haste RG (Gruul)




Doing something different from my regular decks this time around. Instead of posting a deck that I've already made, this one is more of a theorycraft kind of thing featuring everybody's favorite Innistrad couple, Halana and Alena! Featured on a single card for the first time, this deck focuses on +1/+1 counters and giving creatures with massive attack triggers haste to immediately change the course of the game.

This deck obviously isn't built yet because the commander hasn't been released and it was a stream of consciousness kind of thing, so any and all feedback is appreciated!

EDIT : 11/14 - After playing a handful of games of Historic 100 card Brawl on Arena (the closest thing I can get to commander with this deck, even though the deck is fairly different), it's become clear that Halana and Alena are removal MAGNETS. This deck has Asceticism, Deflecting Swat, Heroic Intervention, Inspiring Call, Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots currently. Any recommendations on protection would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT : 11/23 - Have options for protection now. Thanks for all the help! Removal is now the area that needs some help. Would it be worth adding a fight subtheme and potentially Neyith of the Dire Hunt or just sticking with instant/sorcery removal?


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Pulled a copy of Halana and Alena, Partners from a pack from my VOW box! Deck is mostly built in paper, just waiting for my vacation to start so I can finish it up and actually some games. Will be updating the primer over the next week or two so it matches the same level as my other decks.


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