Simple straightforward-ish token generating and hitting face deck. Idea here is to make as many 1/1 tokens, or 0/1 tokens if you're feeling like a pacifist, and then roughing them all up to buff Grismold, the Dreadsower so he can swing for lethal. Then for the fun of it, sacrifice him while enchanted with a Dying Wish to take someone else out. This deck, so far in casual settings, has been pretty fun. Mostly it makes a lot of guys for everyone and that keeps you a bit safe from politics. Then you can dish out some damage or just draw cards and generate mana if you feel passive.

Nothing too oppressive in the deck with all the sacrifice mechanics out there, so I've avoided discard mechanics, looking at you Sadistic Hypnotist and anything that makes playing troublesome. This deck is for fun casual times while also pummeling people if you want to. Had some good help with suggestions from the community so far, as well as other players, and the deck is nearing semi-completion. Thoughts and ideas are always welcome.


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