Warrior Aggression


An aggressive and fast Mardu deck where each creature helps out the others with attacking or defensive perks.

As soon as Ankle Shanker hits the battlefield this deck is committed to attacking. It forces opponents to block or run the risk of taking a lot of damage which normally results in clearing their creatures out of the way for the next attack unless they have an answer to first strike deathtouch.

The deck ensures the low cost creatures keeps coming with a card draw element provided by Browbeat and graveyard retrieval from Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Return to the Ranks.

Key Combos

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death + Ankle Shanker
Allows Ankle Shanker to be cheated in for 2 black or white mana.

Mardu Strike Leader + Obelisk of Urd
Provides a 4/3 blockers when swinging with Strike Leader.

Main Board

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
Allows key creatures to be retrieved from the graveyard when attacking to boost all the other attacking creatures.

Ankle Shanker
Deters opponents from blocking and can be cheated onto the battlefield early if I can overdraw cards with browbeat, discard it and then return it with Alesha when attacking.

Battle Brawler
A cheap creature for what it provides in terms of a 3/2 first striker when another creature I control is on the field.

Brutal Hordechief
Another warrior that lets me control attack phases when I have enough mana, not to mention draining the life out an opponent when attacking with multiple creatures.

Chief of the Edge
Provides an attacking boost to all my other creatures.

Chief of the Scale
Provides a defensive boost to all my other creatures.

Herald of Dromoka
Allows me to keep the pressure on opponents by removing the need to think about leaving blockers.

Mardu Strike Leader
Useful at pumping out blockers for the following turn which will hopefully be booster by other warriors.

A useful source of card draw and allows me to discard high cost creatures which can then be returned when attacking with Alesha.

Return to the Ranks
Allows all the low cost creatures I may have to block with in the early game to return and be a threat in the late game.

Rush of Battle
A useful pump to ensure Ankle Shanker attacks hit hard and reign me in some useful life gain.

Glory of Warfare
Another source of attacking and defensive strength.


All my deck centre around trying to do one or two things well based around a certain theme, they are not intended to be able to defend and cope with everything and anything that comes their way. (Good Card Suggestions vs Deck Dilution)

I am a 'kitchen table' player with a limited budget. As with all my decks advice and suggestions (as well as +1's) are always very welcome but keep in mind anything above the $5 per card mark I'm unlikely to consider.

The more reasoning you can give with any suggestion you make, the more likely I am to consider running it in the deck. This is because I can't always spot the combo or idea you are going for. Letting me know what your thinking gives me a better insight into how you think this deck might be made better by the suggestion.


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