As we all know, aggro decks don't tend to get a lot of love and affection; especially in a format like EDH thats heavily biased against aggro. However, aggro decks can deliver a certain depth of strategy if planned correctly. Mayael the Anima is a great commander for aggro players for a number of reasons. Firstly, she's a card advantage engine in colors that typically have a hard time generating it, short of board sweepers. Secondly, she makes a perfect complement to a strong suite of board control effects by letting you rebuild faster than your opponents while digging through your library to find the best creature with power greater than or equal to 5 you can. Finally, she can dig through your library and drop uncounterable threats at instant speed. These are all things you want to be doing in an aggro deck.

Lets take a closer look at what we're playing:

Mana Management

By nature of her design, Mayael is a very mana-intensive commander. We don't want to run out of, or get stuck without, the right colors; especially since she forces us to run a greater-than-normal amount of expensive creature spells. Like it or not, there is the risk that those creature spells could get stuck in our hand. The topdeck manipulators will help alleviate some of that issue but we should also make sure to run a top notch RAMP package as well.

Cultivate - Traditional green ramp.

Farseek - With the amount of duo lands in the deck this card RAMPs and fixes our colors nicely.

Garruk Wildspeaker - Garruk is a great planeswalker for the deck; His -4 is really easy to get to and his +1 untaps any 2 lands we want which not only ramps us but allows for some color fixing as well.

Pir's Whim - Fetches us specific lands while clearing some cards off of the enemy board.

Realms Uncharted - Besides the obvious mana fixing, this card thins out 4 cards in our deck; specifically, 4 cards that we do not want on top of the deck. This will increase our chances of landing a power creature with Mayael's effect.

Skyshroud Claim - This deck has quite a few duo lands that are two land types, so not only does this thin out the deck to make it easier to land a power creature, but does a nice job of fetching whatever colors we happen to be missing.

Sol Ring - Sol Ring is the best mana rock in the game due to its amazing efficiency which accelerates our game by 2 turns.

Sylvan Scrying - Fetches us whatever land we desire. Great for mana fixing and searching for specialty lands.

Controlling Whats on Top

Mayael is incredibly dependent on the top few cards of the deck. She wants to find a big creature within the top 5, but we don't want to draw those cards. So, we want our beat-sticks NEAR the top but not actually on the top. When you have a fatty in your hand, it generally means you’re going to end up paying retail for it, and doing it at sorcery speed. This is the opposite of what you want to be doing. The ideal play is to activate Mayael during your last opponent’s end step, or in response to an attack. You should know what you’re going to flip off her activation but they won’t, making it much harder to attack you profitably.

Courser of Kruphix - If we eliminate cards that we don't want on the top of the library then that increases the chances of us pulling our big creatures. Pulling land from the top of the deck is a good way of doing this. And since lands make up a giant portion of the deck then we should be doing this fairly often.

Scry Lands - Scry is an awesome mechanic to pair with Mayael. And never underestimate the ability to scry for 1. A lot of times it could be the difference between putting a baddie on the field and NOT putting a baddie on the field.

Scroll Rack - This card is downright awesome. Lets face it, no matter how much you scry or manipulate the top of your deck sometimes its just inevitable to draw your big creatures. And having them in your hand means you'll have to hard cast them for their absurdly large CMC and they run the risk of being countered as well. This card will put the big creatures from our hand on top of our deck (where they need to be) and digs through our library. Not to mention this card mitigates the need for mulligans as well. So this thing has a lot of use in this deck.

Sensei's Divining Top - This card is pretty much an EDH staple. It drops early and generates lots of card advantage for the top of the library. Which is what we're gunning for. Its also incredibly resilient, should it get targeted for destruction just tap it to put it on top of your deck.

Sylvan Library - An excellent topdeck manipulator (probably one of the best in the game) and also serves as a powerful draw engine. A good candidate for Mayael :)

Oracle of Mul Daya - Serves the same function as Courser of Kruphix.


Okay, so we've got our commander out and we actually managed to get some fatties to hit the board safely. What now? Well we need to protect our investment of course! Thankfully green/white has some pretty nifty ways of doing this.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope - It goes without saying that Avacyn is one of the best white creatures in the format; and thankfully you can fetch her with Mayael's ability. She protects everything you own from those nasty kill cards making her invaluable.

Archetype of Endurance - Essentially an Asceticism in the form of a creature. A creature that can be fetched with Mayael.

Iroas, God of Victory - With this guy on the field we can keep hitting our opponents without fear of their creatures killing ours.

Krosan Grip - Your good ol' green naturalize effects. Only this one stops our opponents from responding to it.

Lightning Greaves - Protects our creatures from spot removal AND provides our guys with haste.

Mother of Runes - Grants protection to our creatures from nasty spot removals or allows us to block into a creature safely.

Soul of New Phyrexia - A great monster that can be fetched with Mayael and he can make our shit indestructible. Useful for protecting our attacking creatures and protecting against board wipes.

Sigarda, Host of Herons - Some of our creatures are indestructible, and if they're not then we have a couple ways of making them indestructible. Sacrifice is one of the best (and popular) ways to deal with indestructibility. This beautiful angel makes sure that that doesn't happen.

Swiftfoot Boots - Same as the one above but only to one of our creatures. Nice for our commander.

Teferi's Protection - A new commander staple and has served me well by preventing swarms of monsters from ending me, massive burn spells from roasting me, and saying fuck you to Cyclonic Rift.

Removal Package

Typically we don't have to worry about other people's creatures being bigger than ours, but it's nice to have a backup plan. We want to make sure our creatures are beating down our opponent's creatures and steamrolling over tokens. So removing threats is a must have in any deck.

Angel of Serenity - An Oblivion Ring on a big body. Just what the doctor ordered.

Austere Command/Blasphemous Act/Nevinyrral's Disk - Sometimes the best way to ensure our survival is to blow up the field! If we have a creature after the dust settles then that may be the start of our path to victory. In the case of Austere Command, I get to choose what the field looks like after the nuke.

Beast Within - One of green's best spot removals with a downside that we really don't care about all that much.

Chaos Warp - A handy red spot removal, nice for getting rid of things like a Blightsteel Colossus.

Cleansing Nova - This card is in here for it's flexibility, which is one of the most important things to have in an EDH deck.

Path to Exile - One of White's most effective and efficient spot removal.

Woodfall Primus - A removal in the form of a big fattie. Opponents think twice about killing him and he doesn't mind getting blown up by our own field wipes.

Terastodon - Say farewell to those pesky noncreatures causing you trouble.

Scourge of Kher Ridges - Incredibly useful to wipe the field of small creatures that would chump block our own creatures. With the added ability of taking bigger creatures if necessary.

Swords to Plowshares - Whites most efficient spot removal.

Vandalblast - Any self respecting EDH deck with red in it should run a vandalblast.


Greenwarden of Murasa - Nice recursion creature that works with Mayael. Great for rebuilding our board after a field wipe or getting some of our other utility spells back.

Sun Titan - Sun Titan is great rebuilding your board after your artifacts are destroyed and if you are facing land destruction. Point is, he makes it easier to rebuild your board state after a sweep.

Seedborn Muse - This little number is a staple in any Mayael deck. It multiplies the number of times we can use Mayael in a round by the number of opponents we have.

Rings of Brighthearth - Doubles the number of times we can activate Mayael's ability. This gets really scary really fast.

Warstorm Surge - A solid choice for a Mayael deck. Certainly not the worst option but this is a personal choice.

Aura Shards - Another solid choice for a Mayael deck. Always nice being able to destroy enemy artifacts and enchantments.

Vivien's Arkbow - This is a nice alternative in case Mayael gets locked down.

Well that about sums it up. If you like the deck then give it a +1 and if you guys can think of anything else to improve it then by all means drop a comment :) I'm only one person afterall so I can't think of everything lol Hope you guys liked it!


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