Trying to find the most "optimal" build to work Paradox Engine with, piloted by my favorite grixis legendary Gwendlyn Di Corci. Past the normal paradox-attempt, the deck can just use Capsize and Gwenny to trash the opponent(s) boards+hand if I ever assemble the engine + rocks.

Paradoxical Outcome will replace Reforge the Soul. Considering another buy-back card like Searing Touch or Brush with Death, Isochron Scepter+Dramatic Reversal, Lightning Greaves to give gwen/arcanis haste, more Islands + High Tide to enable candelabra to be more than a color-fixer, Trinket Mage to possibly replace Trophy Mage, although she does grab staff, Lightning Bolt for utility, Mystic Speculation possibly, Gamble, Entomb if commander reverted back to Kess and/or Crucible of Worlds added, Blue Sun's Zenith and Everflowing Chalice to possibly act as a win-con to just deck opponents.


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