This is a GW mid-range deck that resembles Maverik but uses Cataclysm for board control and Life from the Loam + Scroll Rack as card advantage engine. The original list was based on Imorphiling89's UWG cataclysm list ( After playing with it a little bit, I decided to drop blue to add a win con that does not depend on resolving Cataclysm --namely, the stoneforge package--and a reliable card "draw" engine (Life from the Loam + Scroll Rack ). The deck has a favorable matchup against any of the fair lists but sucks against combo, as it does not run any sort of permission/disruption spell in the main. You should play it in a way similar to the UWG cataclysm list, so I suggest reading Imorphiling89's post first because some details are counterintuitive (e.g., you should play on the draw). I am still fine-tuning this list, so any suggestions are welcome.

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