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Guttersnipe is back!

Always loved Guttersnipe so here is an attempt to make it (somewhat) viable in modern.

To play Guttersnipe! Why else?

The ultimate goal is to get the opponent's life total down to 0 ;). In order to achieve that this deck plays a tempo / control roll, utilizing cards like Gigadrowse, Remand and Vapor Snag to disrupt the opponent's turns until you can play Guttersnipe or Bedlam Reveler. Once they are on the board you can continue utilizing your disruption cards but now with lethal effect
  • Baral, Chief of Compliance
  • Reduces the mana required by our spells while allowing us to cycle through our deck whenever we counter a spell (which will be often) Thinking of raising him to a 4 of despite his legendary clause.
  • Snapcaster Mage
  • Recursion value from all of our spells. Can't find a spell we need through all of our draw effects? Reuse one of the ones we already used ;)
  • Guttersnipe
  • With all of our self-replacing spells and tempo plays this guy can really do some damage. Absolutely love this card. It often isn't the right choice to play this on T3 and completely tap out. Wait until you can Vapor Snag him back into your hand if they have removal up or Mana Leak a removal spell aimed at him before playing.
  • Bedlam Reveler
  • A completely overlooked card in my opinion. Has a fantastic prowess body and refuels our hand for the low, low price of ! (Usually - thanks to our cantrips!)
  • Spell Snare
  • If you aren't on the play this card is absolutely amazing
  • Mana Leak
  • Standard counter spell that can be ignored later in the game, Rune Snag can take its place based on your preference.
  • Remand
  • Tempo counter spell that allows us to search for a better answer
  • Cryptic Command
  • Fantastic utility, tapping all their creatures and drawing a card allowing a Bedlam Reveler to swing in for lethal is a good feeling
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Great removal, great burn, with Guttersnipe out this card reads deal 5 damage.
  • Thought Scour
  • This would be the first card to be cut. It's a self replacing spell that fuels Bedlam Reveler and gives options for Snapcaster Mage
  • Think Twice
  • Being able to leave mana up to counterspell on an opponent turn is a must, however if at the end of their turn they haven't played anything worth counterspelling what better time to draw a card or two ;)
  • Manamorphose
  • Draw a card deal 2 damage for free once Guttersnipe is out. Also if you have out Baral, Chief of Compliance it serves as mana ramp
  • Gigadrowse
  • I loooove this card. It has so many uses it is ridiculous. Tapping aggro creatures to save health, tapping an opponent's mana on their upkeep, forcing mana dorks to tap on upkeep, tapping defenders to swing in with your creatures - the card is very useful!
  • Vapor Snag
  • Tempo card that allows us to bounce big creatures or save our creatures from removal. Bonus points if they tap out to cast Tasigur, the Golden Fang and delve away their cards and then you bounce him back at their end step.


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