One of the guys in our play group has been working on custom commander cards for each one of us. He came up with an idea that I think kicks ass, each commander is designed to theme our personal selves and play patterns in ways that represent our build strategies. There are 6 commanders (we have more in our group but these are for the ones that show religiously) each commander has 5 abilities on them. These commanders are intended to be partner commanders but not like you would think. When I say partner its more like 2 headed giant/dragon. These commanders are all five colors but their casting costs are 5 generic. With the 5 abilities on the card you will only be using one per game and that one depends on who you are partnered too because they are intended to synergize with each other. There has been a few stipulations - one you can not build 5 decks to use the same commander so that each deck can work for each partner instead you have to build one deck that could potentially work for all 5 partner possibilities - two you can not use rocks to cast your commander only mana but rocks can be used for all other spells - the reason your commander is 5 generic is remember no rocks can cast him so if your not getting the colors you can still get him out to hopefully synergize with your partner to start doing shit. These abilities only work when both Commanders are on the field. I am using golos as my commander on here just so it shows a commander since I have a custom commander.

                                      My commander

===card Name:Levi, The Dragoon Mana Cost: Type: Legendary Creature Subtype: Merfolk Warrior P/T: 3/3 ===rules: Matt- If one person destroys a creature the other destroys a non creature. Jared- When we both draw, create a flying dragon the size of your hand. Billy- If Billy untaps a land I create a treasure. Ryan- Once each of our turns, tutor for a creature. Mark- All creatures under our control have coat of arms and changeling. This card is all colors. ===endrules ===endcard

                                 The other partner commanders.

===card Name:Name Billy, the Butcher Mana Cost: Type: Legendary creature Subtype: Demon Berserker P/T: 4/1 ===rules: Jared- When Billy draws create a treasure. Levi- when Levi taps a land, untap a land . Ryan- When Ryan casts a 5 cmc, draw a card. Mark- When Mark attacks, you get a Kalia of the vast trigger. Matt- when Matt tutors, you tutor. This card is all colors.
===endrules ===endcard

===card Name: Matt, Patron of Chaos Mana Cost: Type: Legendary Creature Subtype: Warlock Wizard P/T: 4/3 ===rules: Jared- When I play a creature the other makes a copy. Billy- When Billy gains life, each player loses that much life. Levi- Creatures have Ward creatures controller draws 4 cards. Ryan- When one plays a land for turn the other puts a land into play. Mark- If both CMDRS deal combat damage take an extra turn. This card is all colors. ===endrules ===endcard

===card Name: Mark, Totem of Vengeance Mana Cost: Type: Legendary Creature Subtype: Shaman Warrior P/T: 6/2 ===rules: Matt- Once a turn, take an extra combat. Jared- If Jared casts an instant or sorcery, play a creature for free. Billy- Billy plays a creature, tutor the same type and put it in play tapped an attacking. Levi- Play a creature, Levi tutors. Ryan- Creatures have wave ward take 2 poison. This card is all colors. ===endrules ===endcard

===card Name: Jared, The Cunning Mana Cost: Type: Legendary Creature Subtype: Wizard Druid P/T: 1/3 ===rules: Levi- Both draw an additional card on draws. Billy- Both untap lands during post combat. Ryan- Each of your creatures have Akroma's memorial. Mark- When one tutors the other one ramps 1. Matt- When either prowess both prowess. This card is all colors. ===endrules ===endcard

===card Name: Ryan, The White Rage Mana Cost: Type: Legendary Creature Subtype: Samurai Warrior P/T: 3/2 ===rules: Jared- creatures you both control get +2+2. Levi- Abilities your creatures control trigger an additional time. Billy- Lands you control tap for an additional mana. Mark- Spells and abilities you control cost one less. Matt- you may both play an additional land. This card is all colors. ===endrules ===endcard


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