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Modern UBR (Grixis)


This deck is everything I was looking for and then some. I really feel it has the ability to out race control and go toe to toe with rakdos decks and burn out any other aggro deck.

If u have any suggestion feel free to share them.

And as always +1 if u like it


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Round 1

Played against Brian Kibler's g/b fight deck. He drew into 3 of his 4 oozes in game one. But they still weren't enough for flying hasting goodness in Falkenrath Aristocrat and Thundermaw Hellkite . Game 2 he drew no relevant threats and Falkenrath Aristocrat and Evil Twin got to work quickly for the game and match


Round 2

I played against a friend that was running R/B aggro and she played a lot better then i expected on game 1 and made me pay for it by keeping a greedy hand. On game the next games after sideboard i owned due to much tighter play


Round 3

Played against Reid Duke's bant list which is a really good match up for me so long as i play him aggressively instead of reactivity like i do against aggro based decks. In Game one i drew the nuts and won on turn 6 mainly because his lack of his 4th land but ill take it either way. After sideboard It was one sided thanks to Slaughter Games and taking his Sphinx's Revelation and once again Falkenrath Aristocrat and Thundermaw Hellkite brought the beats.


due to time restraint we cut to top 4 after only three rounds which is odd i know


I played against a friend that i play test against weekly so to say i knew her deck in and out is a understatement. The first game is always a rough one winnable but super rough for me before i bring in more kill spells,Knight of Infamy and Vampire Nighthawks on her. As exspected she beat me in a close one in game one and in games 2 and 3 it was my kill spells doing what they do best and double Knight of Infamy and Vampire Nighthawk getting it done fore me over the next 2 games.



My opponent was the same from round 3 and decided he didnt want to play out another in fear of him getting 2-0 again so he conceded

10-2 was my final out come

I am still really impressed with this deck and most likely will run it until i hit a wall or find something better.


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