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Grim Monastery's Guide to Bolts, Bumps & Spikes

Modern Aggro Burn Competitive RBW (Mardu) Red Deck Wins


It's not just the wind. It's not all in your head. And it's definitely something to worry about.

This is my Modern Burn deck. I chose to play Mardu burn because I believe it is the strongest version of Burn in Modern at the moment. Reason being, I have access to Black spells. Having Black not only gives me Bolts 13-16 in the form of Bumps, it also gives me some great SB tech. This deck is very fast. It can consistently win on turn 4 and I've won some games on turn 3.

Mana Base

I choose to play 18 lands due to the fact that my average CMC is under 1.6. I play 9 Fetch lands and 9 lands that produce mana. I only play 4 Shock lands because I find anything higher than that tends to cost me too much life. I play 1 Blood Crypt, 2 Sacred Foundry and 1 Stomping Ground . I play 2 Foundry in case I SB in Kor Firewalker and need to fetch the 2 White mana. I play Ground just for Destructive Revelry. Other than the 2 basic Mountains, I play 2 Blackcleave Cliffs and 1 Clifftop Retreat. Some of you may say that Clifftop is a bad card in Burn because it is too slow. I have yet to have a game where Clifftop is the only land I have in my opening hand. The best opening hand I've had land wise was 1 Fetch, 1 Blackcleave and 1 Clifftop. All I had to pay was 1 life and I was mana fixed.


Eidolon of the Great Revel: This card is the sole reason why Burn is now a Tier 1 Modern deck. Eidolon scares the crap out of most other Planeswalkers. In a format that mostly plays spells with a CMC of 3 or less, this card shines in the hands of a Burn player.

Grim Lavamancer : With the amount of Fetch lands and spells I play, Grim always has fuel in the graveyard. This card is great for taking out small creatures and giving me the extra burn to close the match.

Goblin Guide : A staple in all Burn decks. If you play burn and you don't have a play set, you're doing it all wrong. A great turn 1 play that almost always gets in 2 damage. It can also give me intel on what my opponent will be drawing next turn.

Monastery Swiftspear: Goblin Guides little sister. At first, she isn't that powerful. If she is left unchecked, this little monster can get very powerful, really fast.


Boros Charm: This is such a great card. All three choices help in their own ways. Deal 4 damage gives me that extra reach that a Bolt can't give. Making my permanents indestructible can save my lands from being blown up and help me make efficient trades with my creatures. Giving a buffed, unblocked Swiftspear double strike is a great way to finish off my opponent.

Lightning Bolt : A must have for any deck playing Red. I usually save my Bolts for removal or to finish off my opponent.

Searing Blaze: It's like two Bolts on one card. With the amount of Fetch lands I play, I almost always get the landfall trigger.

Searing Blood : I play this card just to have a little more variety with my spells. I've used it in combo with a suspended Rift Bolt to kill off creatures with 4-5 toughness and get in 3 damage to my opponent.

Shard Volley: My 17th Bolt. I save this card for a late game finisher.

Skullcrack: The best anti-life gain card for a burn deck. It stops life gain in its tracks and deals 3 damage. I've also used this card to remove pesky pro red creatures. I would cast it after my opponent has blocked one of my creatures with their pro red creature (i.e. Kor Firewalker or Etched Champion ) and since damage can't be prevented, it effectively removes their creature.


Bump in the Night : This card is the main reason I choose to play Black in Burn. Bolts 13-16. Bump also gets around Spellskite. I rarely use the flash back but when I do use it, it wins me the game. If you look through the window, you'll see a lightning bolt.

Lava Spike: Self explanatory. Bolts 5-8.

Rift Bolt: Self explanatory. Bolts 9-12.


Deflecting Palm: Used against decks that play big creatures or decks with a lot of creature buffs. Fun to use against Infect.

Destructive Revelry: The only reason I splash green. This card is amazing at removing troublesome artifacts and enchantments while keeping tempo.

Kor Firewalker: Mostly used in the mirror match. In the mirror, I can gain a ton of life and have an almost unremovable creature on the field.

Rain of Gore: Anti-life gain. This card makes anyone playing life gain cry.

Rakdos Charm : More artifact hate. It also helps deal with anyone interacting with their graveyard. It can be used against some token decks as well.

Self-Inflicted Wound: This is such an amazing card. SIW deals with so many threats while keeping tempo. Tarmogoyf, Kor Firewalker and Siege Rhino to name a few. This card makes anyone who plays White or Green cringe at the sight of it.

Thank you for having a look at my deck. Comments, suggestions and upvotes are welcome.

"Stoke a fire hot enough and you'll never run out of things to burn"


Updates Add

I finally got a chance to test out my new Burn build in an event. There were three other Planeswalkers playing Burn tonight. The Naya Zoo Burn won all four rounds placing 1st. I'm not happy with my results but in my defence, I lost the dice roll on rounds 1 & 2. And let's face it, Modern is a game of rolling dice haha.

Round 1: Grixis Twin 0-2

Round 2: Mardu Burn 0-2

Round 3: Infect 2-0

Round 4: W/B Tokens 2-1

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